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as many of you are aware last year the virginia board of nursing made a decision to no longer recognize excelsior school of nursing graduates for licensure by examination or endorsement after december 31, 2009.

in response to this decision excelsior college staff have been in an on-going dialog with the board of nursing and its staff to encourage the board to revisit its decision and to adopt an endorsement option for excelsior college nursing graduates. we are pleased to inform you that the board has agreed to advance regulations to permit endorsement of our graduates with 960 hours of practice as a registered nurse in another us jurisdiction or in a federal facility.

the public comment period for the proposed regulatory change allowing licensure by endorsement in virginia is july 6 through august 5. we will be offering comment in support of the proposed regulation. you may also offer comment beginning july 6 in support of this regulatory change by visiting the board's website at http://www.dhp.virginia.gov/nursing/

you may contact the excelsior college state board team at [email protected] if you have questions about the proposed regulation and its impact on your ability to be licensed in virginia.

thank you for your time and efforts.


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all excelsior graduates and current students please show your support by commenting before this bill gets voted on.

ec and virginia: where to comment ...

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after searching around virginia's bon website, i found the link to the town hall section where comments can be posted on the proposal to allow ec grads licensure by endorsement after 960 hours as an rn in another jurisdiction:


so there it is. :) you do have to register to post a comment, btw -- http://www.townhall.virginia.gov/l/register.cfm

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