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Excelsior enrollment questions


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i am happily studying for micro, getting all of my ducks in a row for enrollment. meant to call to clarify this week and totally forgot, so i'm hoping someone knows the answer to this: if i enroll using the pay your way plan, am i considered enrolled during my payment plan, or do i have to complete my payments before i can continue? i only have a couple of classes to take, so i would love to focus on the nc's, but i can't afford to pay for the full enrollment fee and the resources/tests at the same time. breaking it down into payments would allow me to enroll and continue simultaneously...anyone else know? thanks guys!!


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As far as I know you are considered enrolled. Just wondering why you wanted to start with Micro, why didn't you start with the NC's first?


Specializes in Pediatrics/Adult Float Pool.

micro will transfer to the local rn program, so i figured i would try this one out first to see if it is really what i want to do, that way, i haven't "lost" anything either way. i am really excited about excelsior though, i think it's more of a commitment issue;). i haven't gotten very far with my studying yet, but i've only had my book for a week, and still need to order practice tests/schedule the real deal...the more i read on here, the more confident i feel about my choice of nursing program!

You can take the first nursing test before you are enrolled, so that would give you more time to get your enrollment fees paid. I know that you can't take the CPNE until it is all paid for. Don't know about the enrollment fees. I would count on getting your micro and first nursing test done in the meantime. Congratulations on choosing EC.

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