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Excelsior Credit By Examination


I'm thinking about taking the Sociology credit by examination course through Excelsior. It's very convenient because it's not a full class and the examination is very affordable. Did anybody take this particular exam. What is it that one must do? Also, how did you receive credit? When you passed the exam did it just show pass or did you actually get a grade? Did you receive any units? Any information would be helpful. Thank you in advance.


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just a hint, I'd take the CLEP exam offered for a 70-80 dollar fee thru many colleges. It's cheaper, and much easier in my op. Just something to think about:)

Thanks for the hint. Now my new question would be, how would I study for a course that I have no interest in? I would need to pass the course in order get credit for it. Well take the exam through the community college that is.

It's just one of those suck-it-up-and-do-it things. I don't know which class or subject you're referring to, but if it is a core class that you can do a CLEP exam and get credit, those are the easiest way to study and remember the "must know" information to get a passing score on them. You can get the CLEP study books at any online bookstore. You can get them used very cheap. Sociology and Human Growth and Development were particularly easy if you had psych in your LPN course. The exams were $65 and you can take them at a local university. Very easy way to get some of the credits you need cheap and for the least amount of time invested. Check out amazon.com - the sell new or used CLEP study books. Good luck. You can do this.


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I'm a 1984 ASN grad and re-enrolling in the BSN program. I've taken several tests through Excelsior and CLEP and I believe you get a Pass or fail grade. Contact Excelsior for clarification.

I found out that I can CLEP out of Sociology 1A for the LVN-RN program, I've decided that's the route I'm going to go. Thank you everyone for the hints!!