Excelsior CPNE WAIT TIME??


Hi. As I was unable to get to the help site on Excelsior, I was wondering if anyone had any hints on shortening the wait time to take the CPNE. I still have nc6 and 7 to go. From what I have heard it's 6-8 months once one applies. How soon can/should I apply? I also need to take Eng. Composition. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks. M.Lego


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It can be a long wait, but there are some things you can do to reduce the wait:

- Apply as soon as you're eligible. Make sure all of the transcripts and other paperwork is in well ahead of time to avoid a delay in eligibility.

- See if you can find out from Excelsior which performance assessment center is the fastest at that time and send the application and money to that center.

- Say you will test at any site, any date, but you want to do it ASAP and that you'll take a cancellation date if one comes available. Write something to this effect across the bottom of the application in big letters.

- A few days after mailing the app, call the center and make sure they received it. Continue to call periodically until they schedule you. Basically, you want to bug them enough that they know you're really eager, but not so much that they torch your application. Once a week should do.

Using this strategy, I tested about 6 weeks after sending in my money to MPAC, thanks to a cancellation date.


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That's good advice. I also suggest:

1.) Ask who is doing weekday testing. SOme facilities do this to shorten their waiting lists.

2.) Once you start on NC7, call your advisor and request your CPNE study guide, so you don't have to wait for them to send it out later.

3.) Go ahead and get your physical and any immunizations you might need done now. Or at least make the appointment. I know people who had to wait 2 months longer because they couldn't get in to their Dr. to get it done and out of the way. I think you can even ask your advisor to send you out the EC physical form ahead of time.