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I am enrolled in Excelsior College. It is tough!! The reason I went this route was because all my science pre req's for RN were too old. I did not want to take them all over again. I got all 4.0 in micro, A &P ect... Also, every college had different requirements and classes to take. I really kind of got tired of trying to get all these different classes. I am a LPN and working full time outside of nursing right now. I know it will be tough to go this route..but don't really have a choice since I make good money at my job. Is there anyone else going to Excelsior out there? Would love to hear from you...Thanks,


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Hi there, i am an RN who went through conventional schooling but my husband is going through excelsior. Just wanted to pass along that the state of Washington will not allow first time licensure as an RN through excelsior, please check with them ok? You could get your inital license through new york and then do reciprocity, i just dont want you to get screwed after all your hard work, good luck!


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Washington state says you have to have 200 hours of preceptorship with a RN before you take your boards. Also, they say you have to your LPN in Washington too. This is what they mailed me in June 2003. I hope they don't change this.


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Here is the link to the information about Excelsior graduates. http://www.leg.wa.gov/wac/index.cfm?fuseaction=Section&Section=246-840-030

Hi, just wanted to add my experience. I did Excelsior and had LOTS of problems with the WA BON. It was aweful. However, I did learn a loop hole in the system if you are having a hard time finding a preceptor for the stupid 200 hours requirement. If you test for your NCLEX for another state on your application (you can still test locally though since it is a National test and all), you can apply to endorse your license to WA from that other state. Choose a state that does not have any special requirements for Excelsior grads and your RN license will transfer right over!

In my research after the fact when I was having so many issues, I learned the Minnesota has 1) the lowest RN NCLEX application fee and 2) the fastest turn around time for license verification (some states take months to get the info to the BON).

So, your original RN license would be MN but you never live/work or do anything with it other than immediately apply for WA RN License by Endorsement. Application here http://www.doh.wa.gov/hsqa/Professions/Nursing/documents/RN_byEnd.pdf

It negates the preceptor requirement and the whole process is way easier and faster (10 days from application to Authorization to take NCLEX). Minnesota RN licensing requirements and info: https://www.hlb.state.mn.us/mbn/Portal/packets/RN%20Exam%20packet-US.pdf The application/license fee is $85 for MN. Then another $90 for Endorsement to WA. Once you are licensed in another state WA cannot deny your application regardless of where you graduated (unless there are other reasons on the application to deny you).

MN has an easy online application. You may want to call them to be sure they have not changed their rules about Exelcesior College since I was dealing with this issue several years ago. But, if you go this route it should be pretty painless.

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