Which Ethics exam do you feel is easier?

  1. Ethics: Theory & Practice or Bioethics: Philosophical Issues? I attempted the Ethics in Healthcare course last year before family issues pulled me out of college for a year. Even with the course. My tough hide was no match for the most heart-breaking, real-life stories I've ever read in my life! I even sent an email to the instructor asking if this course was designed to keep students in tears.

    Anyway, now that I'm back, I'd much rather take an exam as opposed to having swollen eyes for 8 weeks. Any opinion on these two exams are welcomed.

    Thanks, guys!
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  3. by   BSNbeDONE
    Update: I chose the Bioethics and passed today! It was not a bad exam at all. The scenarios came directly from the practice exams. As far as the questions pertaining to those scenarios, I would suggest paying very close attention to the rationales. I knew the answer to the questions from the practice exams but did a lot of elimination selection on the real exam. I also found a study guide (Regents Bioethics) on amazon.com that had lots of practice questions and answers...no rationales, though. But that study guide was right on point with just the plain multiple choice questions (no scenarios) on the exam. Good luck to those who chose Bioethics: Philosophical Issues.
  4. by   reebokHCFR
    Hi Lyndaa,
    I am trying to decide which route to go right now. The DSST ethics in america exam is tempting due to the study material available (i.e. studygroup101 and others) and the $80 cost, but the $30 transcript fee is absurd. on the other hand, bioethics is also cheap at $95, but I am worried about the lack of study material.
  5. by   BSNbeDONE
    Hi reebokHCFR,
    I found a book on amazon.com called Bioethics. I used it because it was from the old Regents College exam and as you probably know, Regents College is now EC. This book, filled with nothing but questions and answers (no rationales), along with the EC practice exams gave me a passing grade. I did something that I normally NEVER did with an EC exam and that was to go back and change a few of my answers at the end. So, I don't know if that brought me up to the C or down to the C. But it was a pass and I am satisfied! Same upper level credits. I also googled the 3 or 4 women in question. They were short but very interesting articles about the dilemma.

    Now, without violating the academic honesty policy, I'll just say that if you choose to go with this exam, BUY THE CORRESPONDING PRACTICE EXAM! You will NOT regret it! If you cannot find the study guide that I mentioned, PM me with your address and I will gladly give you the one that I have. I didn't even finish the guide and still managed to pass the exam using it with the practice exams...oh, and the 25 or so questions on the free content guide.

    I was apprehensive about this exam because my advisor kept telling me how difficult it was. But I decided to take my best shot at the cheaper version and if I failed, I wouldn't be out of a lot of money. If I passed, that would be even better! So, my plan (A) was to take this exam; if I failed, I would take (B) the Theory & Practice exam; and if I failed that, I would (C) sit in that darn 8-week ethics course. Thank God plan A worked out! Well, right off the bat, I knew the answer to the first 10 questions and the exam was not difficult at all. I just really hate that I changed my answers in the end but I had time to spare and thought I would review. Big mistake, but not costly. Had I finished the guide, I might not have had to change any answers. It's as if I only have a 2-week attention span when it comes to EC exams. I did all of their nursing theory exams the same way: 2 weeks of study and bam! Off to Pearson Vue I go. But it works for me....

    Good luck with your ethics requirement!
  6. by   reebokHCFR
    thanks lynda, appreciate the info.