Transitions to RN- Vent

  1. This material is so dryyyy and trying to retain the info but find it difficult for all of this to stick....anytips or suggestions would be greatly in sam hill did you guys get through this? its like watching paint dry..myyyy gawd! lol Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.
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  3. by   reebokHCFR
    you have to be motivated, and only you can find the reason(s) for you.
  4. by   shikster
    oh trust and believe im beyond motivated....its just the content to this particular section is exasperatingly boring.... this is more of my venting from frustration thread...nothing more... thanks for replying though!
  5. by   Flightmed123
    Did you test transition yet? I'm not enrolled, however preparing for exam... Haven"t figured out a good study technique other than cramming through books based on the syllabus/guide excelsior offers... Very dry material!!!! Any advice appreciated!
  6. by   reebokHCFR
    studygroup101 worked great for me.
  7. by   Flightmed123
    Thanks ReebokHCFR!!!!!
  8. by   jlynn167
    I agree with reebokHCFR, studygroup 101 was a fantastic study guide for Transitions! Do as many practice quizzes as you can and make flashcards. Bring those flashcards everywhere with you! The test itself actually wasn't too bad in my opinion. Good luck!
  9. by   Flightmed123
    @jlynn167, thanks a lot for your advice. I plan on testing sometime soon. I hope I do great. The study material is durable once I soak all the key terms. Everything else appear scenario based. Wish me luck!
  10. by   BarbaraNM
    I am dreading Transitions, too!! Just paid for it, and will schedule it soon... #5.... then I'll start the LS series..

    Will probably get the SG101 for that one, too.... thanks for the suggestions!

  11. by   Flightmed123
    Good Luck on Transition.. Although this is my first exam, it was difficult for me and unfortunately for me I made a D. I made a 86 on my Practice Exam and bomb the real exam. Bomber!!!! I'm thinking I will continue with Safety and see how I do, than enroll and save this exam last... Anybody have suggestions? I'm not sure if independent study is for me, but I plan on looking for a traditional program too.. Please help with advice so I can have a idea what to do.... Thanks
  12. by   ScarletNurse
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  13. by   ScarletNurse
    Quote from Flightmed123
    Good Luck on Transition.. Although this is my first exam, it was difficult for me and unfortunately for me I made a D. I made a 86 on my Practice Exam and bomb the real exam.
    I apologize that you did not perform as expected during your Transition to RN exam. I wish you much success.

    I attempted to study for that same test, but just can't figure out the best way to study for it that keeps me focused.

    I'm using SG101 and supplementing with Google. Additionally, I'm keeping track of my flashcards in It helps me cause I can carry my notes on my phone or access them from any computer. Also, I can automatically look up other cards nursing students made using the same terms.

    Most importantly, I follow the content guide. If I cannot discuss a topic listed in the exam content guide, then that lets me know I need to go back and review the content. (If only I can sit still long enough to keep my study plan in motion)

    Where do you think the test went wrong for you? For example, how did the practice exam compare to the actual exam? Do you have test anxiety?

    I almost bombed on Health Safety because I psyched myself out once I arrived to the testing center. I stopped and took a moment to breathe. After the test, I took every spare moment left to go back and ensure I interpreted the questions properly. (I have an annoying habit of missing words due to speed reading questions when taking exams on computer) Next, acing the exam followed.

    Thank you for sharing.
  14. by   mdsnurse12
    I found it hard to study for too... I pretty much had to schedule my test with Pearson a week away and told myself "OK, now you have a week to learn this, so lets do it!" I got a B, it wasn't so bad. I was just so relieved to get it behind me. When I actually go ahead and put down the money, set my test date, and know I'm going to be wasting that money by NOT studying, then I get my behind in gear IDK, that's just my two cents, good luck!