Studying for CPNE!!! Advice pls

  1. Ok so I have applied and I am just waiting for date. But I would love to hear from those who have passed CPNE. What did you use to study? I can not afford to go to workshop. I was looking at the DVD that Excelsior provides. But I was also looking at some of the online workshops that Excelsior provides and then at Sheri Taylor's online. Pls tell me what u used and if you think that it helped.

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  3. by   BostonNurse2876
    Do you have a date yet for your CPNE? I am planning to take Sherri's workshop in June/July online. I heave heard really good things about it. I will also be submitting care plans to EC for review once a week and on the EPN. Good luck in your studies!! Where are you testing??
  4. by   TashaLPN2006RN2012
    My suggestion, you need a workshop..if you cant do an in-person one, i highly recommend the online one at least! practice care plans, they are the make it or break it part of the either make it and get into the room or break it and you walk away without ever laying eyes on your patient.

    I spent 7wks preparing. I did my online workshop (also took the in-person one), care plans 2 per week at least, plus the free EC ones. memorized and wrote out mnemonics daily for a week, the next week, worked on care plans, menmonics, and started one lab, the next week did care plans, mnemonics, lab 1 and lab 2, the next week was care plans, labe 1, 2 & 3, and mnemonics...etc til i was doing it in my sleep. anything or any skill i didnt know i used Taylor's skills videos (can find them on ebay for cheap) and whenever i started making mistakes i took a day i was so messed up doing labs i walked out of my house and went and caught a movie by myself and went shopping for white scrubs (so that i could be comfy and not in starchy crappy walmart ones, i wanted good soft ones! LOL) it was the best thing for me...the final week before testing i only looked at my stuff for an hour or so per day.
  5. by   SWilson213
    Which one eid you do online? The Excelsior? What did u think?
  6. by   SWilson213
    I meant which one did you do online?
  7. by   TashaLPN2006RN2012
    send me a PM and i'll send you the link
  8. by   Diva LOVE
    Hi Tasha,
    Congrats on passing your CPNE. were did u test at? i live in tx. ALso any books to read for the exams ? help!!!
  9. by   QuenymamiRN
    I didn't have the money to do a workshop in person. I studied the study guide and made sure I understood every single part of it. I did all the PCS practice scenarios and submitted it to EC, and participated in the forums. I also did Sheri's online workshop which was worth every penny.