Study for the CPNE???

  1. Anyone in the Dallas area who is studying for the CPNE?

    Or anyone in general studying for the CPNE (Excelsior College) who would like to be a study buddy? I don't know how this works and I am determined to pass the CPNE my first try. I am currently studying with Sheri Taylor's online workshop (so helpful!). But I know when I was in nursing school for my LPN it helped studying with my classmates. With EC, we don't have that luxury. Any suggestions?
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    Hi, there. We have moved your post to the Excelsior College forum with the goal of receiving responses from other students who have dealt with the CPNE.
  4. by   christiekerrick
    I am in the Dallas area. Not yet ready for the CPNE. Still have a few nursing courses to complete. Is Plano still a testing facility or is Lubbock the closest?
  5. by   Nalon1 RN/EMT-P
    Lubbock is the closest.
    I am just getting ready to start Excelisor what did you think of the program?
  7. by   SVT511
    @Bella Donna, I PM'd you
  8. by   verndern
    I'm also from Dallas and about to start with Excelsior. I would love any thoughts/advice about the program also! I'm nervous! lol

    Good luck on your CPNE!
  9. by   SVT511
    @Verndern Thank you!

    Well, my biggest thing is just buckle down and do it, honestly. The list of text books and amount of information is mind-boggling and we simply can't remember it all. Keep up with the study guides, keep in touch with allnurses (you guys saved my life! lol) and believe in yourself.

    KEEP TRACT OF DATES! That's what got me. I literally took my last three nursing theory exams with Pearson Vue in one week (I do not recommend this, I almost cried when I passed them all in shock). I wasn't aware of the deadlines for the FCCAs. They kinda threw it at me like, hey summer semester starts (this date). Also, application paperwork is a beast for CPNE which I'm scrambling for now. And I hear test dates are ridiculous...which I am stressing about now. Haha but push through it!

    If you need me, I am here