straighterline changed?

  1. I looked on straighterlines website a few weeks ago and they had really good prices for a&p and micro, now it sends you to take the Excelsior exam? Does anyone know of another option?
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  3. by   tnmarie
    Maybe they changed it because you can only basically take two college courses worth of ACE credits now (unless you enrolled before October of last year). Micro is one of the few prereqs that you can not CLEP and I bet you can't CLEP A&P either. I can't speak for A&P but I took the micro ECE and it wasn't that bad. Since you can't CLEP it, I can't think of any alternatives unless you take them through a local community college or something.

    Maybe others will have good suggestions, but I think you may be stuck with the ECEs (really, it wasn't that bad). You might want to shoot a line to your advisor and see if they can offer some alternatives.

    Just keep in mind that if you do take the ECE it will unlikely transfer to any other institution if you want to get your BSN or something later.
  4. by   brandi45805
    Thank you tnmarie. I'm glad to hear that micro wasn't that bad.
  5. by   BSNbeDONE
    Quote from brandi45805
    I looked on straighterlines website a few weeks ago and they had really good prices for a&p and micro, now it sends you to take the Excelsior exam? Does anyone know of another option?
    I took EC's A&P and passed with a B when absolutely no one could tell me that I hadn't failed it when it was over. I am NOT a biology or math person AT ALL. So, if I passed A&P with a B, you will probably ace the exam if you're not threatened by the mere mention of the subject. I took the Micro and got a C, which looked like an A to me when I walked out of Pearson Vue without a fail.

    I studied for the A&P for 23 days, and 24 days for Micro. Like someone said, because of the lack of lab requirement, it will most likely not transfer without your having to take a proctored lab component elsewhere. But EC offers higher degrees in nursing as well; and there are those colleges and universities that will accept EC's just have to look. Good luck!
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    Thank you! I'm so nervous for the exam mainly because its my first exam in 5 yrs. I ordered the required book so as soon as it comes I can study. Until then I have been reading up using the sg101, I'm not really sure yet If I like the lay out of sg101, it jumps back and forth on some subjects..but I do love the diagrams and quizzes!
  7. by   JustBeachyNurse
    I just notice on Straighterline's site a "policy" that wasn't there last time I looked, one cannot take A&P, Micro, Sociology or Developmental Psychology and expect it to be accepted as transfer credit at Excelsor's nursing program:

    Excelsior College - Transfer to Excelsior College - StraighterLine
    Policy Alert

    Core Degree Requirements - Excelsior College does not accept outside coursework for transfer credit required for core degree requirements. Excelsior provides a listing of its core degree requirements in its degree program catalog provided on its website.
    For the Excelsior College School of Nursing (SON), core degree requirements in Associate degree programs include Anatomy & Physiology, Microbiology, Life Span Developmental Psychology and Sociology. For Excelsior College SON Bachelor’s degree programs, core degree requirements include Anatomy & Physiology, Microbiology, Psychology, Sociology, Statistics and Ethics.

    In addition, the Excelsior College SON allows students to satisfy up to 25% of the general education degree requirements with StraighterLine courses. This means in Excelsior’s nursing programs, a maximum of 7 general education credits (2 courses) can apply to Associate degree plans and a maximum of 15 general education credits (approximately 5 courses) can apply to Bachelor’s degree plans.

    Fortunately my closest state university RN to BSN program (should I decide to do a brick & mortar program) does not require A&P with lab nor does my state board of nursing. Plus this local state university RN to BSN program accepts EC exams for nursing credits as per current policy. It pays to research your options. This way there are no surprises later...I know some state BoN's require A&P and Micro to be lab courses to be eligible for and RN license by exam.
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