1. I'm going through RUE for excelsior. Does anyone know how this works? I've started my transition course and rue sent me their text books. Is this enough or should I look into getting the books excelsior recommends?
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  3. by   BSNbeDONE
    I'm gonna try not to misquote anything here. I think I read that RUE, although it is a publishing company, bares the Excelsior emblem because Excelsior approves of the textbooks that Rue uses, as opposed to other publishing companies that develops study guides with Q&A chapters that contain very little teaching content, the latter part of this statement being my personal opinion.

    Although I've never used Rue and I think that it would have been cheaper to use EC books, I believe you will be okay with those books because I found the information about Rue textbooks from the EC website a couple of years ago. They've since changed the website around so I can't say how to go about locating that information now. Just be sure to follow the EC examination content guide to cater your studying with the Rue books and you will fair well. Good luck!!!!
  4. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Check with Excelsior. TCN uses the Excelsior logo also yet no affiliation or recommendation. According to the EC website there are NO outside test-prep companies endorsed or affiliated with EC

    Start with the EC exam content guides. This is the blueprint for the exams. If the material from Rue has all the components listed in the content guide you are at least headed in the right direction. You can try studying from rue then take the EC practice exams to gauge your knowledge base.
  5. by   BSNbeDONE
    I stand corrected. I must have read that on RUE's website. It's been a few years.