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  1. Just ordered the CPNE skills kit. Been studying and writing my pneumonics and lab steps every day for the last 3 weeks. Still can't decide if I want/need to order the Excelsior CPNE workbook and DVD,also don't know if I should take Sherri's workshop or Excelsiors. Any suggestions?? Also stressed as heck about the prep but how's everyone else doing?
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  3. by   nursemami4
    I have not taken the workshop yet, but will attend Sherri Taylor in Atlanta next month. From what I've heard and read, it is best to take a workshop. I worked on a internal medicine/ telemetry floor in a large hospital with an LPN who had years of experience under her belt and was great with skills and charting. When she was scheduled for her CPNE, she had taken a in person workshop and I thought "why" she knew everything. But no, he said you will want to pay the extra money and know what is expected from EC and to refresh on skills as in the text book, not what we calm real world nursing. Soon after that she took boards and was proudly working on our floor as an RN. She passed the Cpne on first try and does not regret paying for the workshop. So personally I would take it if it is in your budget. Thales my insight on it! Best of luck and will be cheering for you on your journey!!
  4. by   RTsoonRN
    I've actually been dying to see what Sherri's workshop is like, despite excelsior advising against it, and onY need to find time to get down to Atlanta.
  5. by   nursemami4
    Well I will let u know of my experience there. I'm hoping it is going to go well and great info provided. I live about 7 hours from there so it's not too far for me.
  6. by   RTsoonRN
    Yea, i appreciate that. I'm in CT, so a little farther for me
  7. by   nursenora1
    I just came from Sheri Taylor's workshop and I will advise it 100%!!!! Many people came from excelsiors workshop and failed then went to Sheri's then passed. Obviously excelsior wont recommend any workshop thats not theirs. Disregard that and sign up before it gets full!
  8. by   scooneybooney
    Yes, I agree with Nurse nora, I am going to Sheri's hands on workshop on Nov 2,3,4 2012 and that is after I did her online ws for 3 months. I love her and feel like I will be more confident with her backing me.