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:uhoh3: Hey all you super nurses and super nursing students out there! I am awaiting the CPNE exam the last weekend in Jan and I heard of a "grid" out there that is taught at the CPNE workshop. My... Read More

  1. by   Mudwoman
    I was 54---nearly 55 when I took and passed CPNE. I am now going to be 59 this year and doing EC and working hard to pass was the best thing I ever did for myself and my family. Doors of opportunity have been opened for me that would not have been if I had not perservered. You have to know that I first tried to do this back in 1994 and 1995. Gave up. Then tried again in 2002. Gave up. My husband just MADE me do what I needed to do this time and determination and belief that I could enabled me to pass with no repeats.

    The BEST money I spent for the CPNE was doing the online documentation class and the care plan class. I am convinced that if I had not taken these 2 classes online, I would not have passed the paperwork part. So, now that you know the other stuff so well, you are on the home stretch! You just have to work on the paperwork portion. You have already come so far. You passed all the other stuff. You just need to tweak what you need to study. You are doing another site. Go for it again. Take the online documentation/careplans and you will shine next time.

    The reward will be great. You are almost there. Don't give up. You CAN do this!!!!!!!
  2. by   Soozul
    Thanks everyone. I have already applied for the 3rd/final test, pd. on card. Am reading ,thinking on what some of you have said.
  3. by   camartinez
    hello, I am in SA awaiting CPNE date, can you give me some advise.
  4. by   sunrock
    How can I help p
  5. by   Soozul
    I have a test date but haven't committed yet. Took 3 months & a week to hear, FYI. Advise for U? I have failed twice, I don't have any secrets to pass. I'm just going to prepare the best I can, under my circumstances, pray & hope I pass this time. I thought I would pass last time, felt very prepared but didn't. It is very hard & very stressful. I've read on here in past some think it is easy---I STRONGLY disagree. Hardest thing I ever did! .I have noticed old school nurses like myself don't do as well as the younger ones.Sometimes it's something I just didn't know to include/ study for. Just getting there is stressful, considering I drive down to GA., 6 lane traffic, big city. I'm from the country, don't like the city or do things there. I dread the WHOLE p rocess. However, the day's coming & by then I will be ready!
  6. by   EquuszARNP
    The best thing you can do to pass the CPNE is attend a week-long simulation workshop. There's several offered around the country. I went to one and passed the CPNE with no retakes on the first try, and I don't even have a nursing background (paramedic).

    Good luck!
  7. by   sunrock
    Do not retest until u have memorized, narratives, rationald, have c/plans for each narrative. Know how to fill out forms, CE is the key to the test, know how to prioritize, etc., pm me or post on Facebook, I cannot give info on this forum.
  8. by   josielj
    getting ready to study for the CPNE and I am going to take a workshop. I am debating on taking Excelsior's workshop or ex-students workshops. Excelsior told me that their workshops are not teaching workshops but practicing workshops. Has anybody done either, any advice, any good workshops??
  9. by   QuenymamiRN
    I highly recommend Sheri's workshop. It is a teaching and practicing workshop,