Life Span 1 - Last Minute Advice?

  1. I plan on taking Health Differences Across the Life Span 1 next week. I have the practice exams, StudyGroup101 & a few different textbooks. Can anyone give me any last minute advice about what to study for this one? Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    Sounds like you have it all! Have you taken the practice exams? If so, what kind of scores did you get?
  4. by   reebokHCFR
    I used sg101 and the practice exams. everything was fine until LS2 and LS3 where sg101 was not really up to par imo.
  5. by   little miss redpatch
    I took the practice tests right away, as soon as I paid for the test, in July, with no studying. I scored in the 50s. I was strong on the respiratory & cardiovascular, but was not as strong on the cancer-related questions.
    Last night, I got the updated exam content guide and took the little quiz. It looks like I need to go over lab values after cancer Rx treatment and care of a sickle cell pt.
  6. by   reebokHCFR
    care of sickle cell pt is pretty easy. only a couple interventions like heat packs or iv fluids (or increased fluid intake). there were definitely some lab values to know. I can't remember in particular, but I would know the biggies like na, k, platelets.
  7. by   BostonNurse2876
    I used a med surg book and really studied them all the same amount. I also always go back and study the practice test with answers after I take it and rationals so I can drill them into my head. I am taking LS2 this month and it looks like a beast! I'm pretty good with diabetes care though but I can't stand endocrine disorders! Lots to know. And psych nursing, not for me so this one will be the tough one. I plan on getting SG101 today for it. Good luck to you!! Take your time on the exam.
  8. by   reebokHCFR
    BostonNurse: I don't know of anything else to tell you to use (besides official books) but sg101 was not very good for LS2 or LS3. It was like learning the tibia is a bone in the leg and on the exam they wanted to know what bones connected to the tibia. a silly example, but basically sg101 was not anywhere near in depth enough for what the exam covered. good luck.
  9. by   Mrs.Mc,LPN217
    Boston nurse, I took ls2 today & sg101 was definitely not nearly enough info to cover the depth of the material that was actually on the exam. I read the chapters in the med/surg book to better understand the disorders, made a "path card" for every disorder/disease & took the practice tests. I made a B & probably could've done better if I had studied the psych stuff a little more. There were atleast 15-20 questions frm the practice tests on the actual exam.
  10. by   Aliakey
    I have no idea where your strengths are, so winging it here, lol! I don't use SG101, but instead read from the required textbooks and take notes as needed. Call me old fashioned, lol!

    I took the exam two weeks ago and earned an "A". I don't know your background, but speaking for myself as a paramedic, the cardiac and respiratory content areas were very stress-free on the exam. Make sure you *understand* heart failure and COPD, and the mechanisms behind it. You will definitely have some "thinkin'" questions in that content area. As for the abnormal cellular growth (cancer) section, the pharmacology was the thorn in my side. I love pharmacology, but those cancer drugs are just so new and with ALL of the side-effects present with each class, it can make your head spin. Certainly dedicate a chunk of review time over those medications.

    Aside from that, I found the exam to be well-written and asking the questions it should. You will have a few "select all that apply". Hate those, but only encompasses a few questions on the exam, thank goodness.

    Good luck!
  11. by   little miss redpatch
    Thank y'all for your help! I passed the exam yesterday with a B. I now see the lifespan exam format, so I can study for the next ones the right way.
  12. by   Pixie.RN
    Great job!!!
  13. by   BostonNurse2876
  14. by   nsmith3
    What is studygroup 101? I just started studying for Life Span 1 exam