Got an A in Repro!

  1. Can't believe I got an A! I was so worried about this exam because it is my LEAST favorite subject and just so difficult for me to grasp! LS1 is next. What did you guys all think of LS1?
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  3. by   mrstookielpn
    Congratulations! How long did you study and what materials did you use?
  4. by   frankie,RN
  5. by   little miss redpatch
    Great job! Congratulations!
  6. by   buckshot
    thank you!!! I used content guide, required texts, and practice exams... studied for about 3 weeks.
  7. by   Medic1403
    i am taking health differences this friday and then repro next. i have a twenty month old and soon to add another due this october. hopefully that helps motivate me to really dig in and learn the material.