Fear Not

  1. Hello Fellow EC Students: LPN TO RN

    I am finally back pursuing my life long dream.

    My brief rant:
    My hesitation has been nothing more than fear. Fear of failure and making excuses. I have been to 4 colleges over the last 15 years and still no degree.

    Recently, My beloved Mother left me; unexpectedly to illness. My loss resulted in grief counseling and medication to help me through this. School being the last thing on my mind. As an only child I had to basically wipe my tears and do what needed to be done, from caring for my Mom day and night to taking over her finances, personal matters, making arrangements and everything in between. Hubby and my kids were so supportive but, I was too heart-broken to see anything but sorrow, today is a better day but I have to really fight through my mourning moments. When I finally returned to work, I didn't really care about anything but my grief. As the months have passed now; my love of nursing has finally returned, my desire to serve has returned as well.

    My Mother was very proud of me and I know she would want me to continue. I also realized that my Mom's life was cut short and she didn't get the opprotunity to experience all that life has to offer. I want to do this for me; I want to look life in the eye, and make my best effort to achieve all I can, while I can.

    I registered for A & P, Transitions and Info Lit. I am so busy now, that I don't have time to feel hopeless.
    Best Wishes Mae
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  3. by   blossom74
    I can completely relate to your struggle, I to have decided that it is now or never. I listened to Bishop T. D. Jakes watch night service and found my inspiration. I have also found solace in Joel Osteen's messages. God bless and best wishes.
  4. by   TexMex22

    Wow, you've sure been through it. Hugs to you!

    I'm sure your mom is proud of you! It's so exciting you are getting to start school and will finally realize your dream. We're here for you.
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