1. Hello everyone. I am down to my last class in Phase 2 and I'm trying to plan for the FCCA. I know the FCCA is in 2 parts but and you can take them both together, if you want. Should I take 1 at a time or should I take them both at the same time? I've been going the course route so I'm used to having deadlines but I don't want to overwhelm myself either.

    Thanks everyone in advance!
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    The only "regrets" I've heard are from people who did NOT take the FCCAs together, because they took them one at a time and realized they could have done them both. It really depends on you and how much time you have to do the readings for the FCCA.
  4. by   emtpbill
    From some one who took both last year, take them together. You'll regret it if you don't.
  5. by   Molemedic
    Take them together but please do the reading. I've seen people fail simply because they didn't read the book.
  6. by   whatdidigetmyselfin2
    Thanks everyone for your responses. I don't want to spend 16 weeks doing both when I could be done in 8 weeks. I have plenty of time on the weekends to do all the assigned readings.
  7. by   RTRNCRNA
    Yes, do them together. The faster you complete them the faster you can start your CPNE clock.
  8. by   Eltk1219
    Any tips for FCCA 1 final??? I have to take the test by next Sunday (August 20) and I'm getting nervous. I'm not totally sure what to expect.
  9. by   Molemedic
    Talking about the FCCA in any amount of detail is against EC policy. All I can say is don't overthink it and if you did the reading during the course there should be no surprises. Good luck and have faith
  10. by   whatdidigetmyselfin2
    I ended up taking 274A and C at the same time and I'm glad I did! I found that there was plenty of time in my life to study for both of these exams. It wasn't easy but I made it. I passed both!!!