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  1. Hello everyone! Im an lpn who lives in ga. I just finished nursing school and would like to start on my rn. I dont have many pre req's maybe 3 total. I was wondering if anyone knew how much excelsior cost from start to finish(including pre-req's)..also is there any type of finanical help besides loans? Would I be able to take out a loan to cover all my school expenses? Please help with any info if possible...Thanks!
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    Have you looked on the Excelsior website or spoken with an academic advisor, they are exceptionally helpful? There are links to the degree requirements and costs per exam. Excelsior College | Program Details

    Click on associates in nursing at the bottom of this page for tuition and fees: Excelsior College fees and tuition - excelsior.edu

    Since this is an examination program it is not eligible for Federal Financial Aid programs (including Pell Grants, subsidized/unsubsidized student loans). However Excelsior offers no-interest, low start up fee payment plans that can be used for the enrollment fee, exam fees, etc. There are some scholarships available based upon academics and financial need, however they are only available to enrolled students who have filed a FAFSA for the current year.
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    Check into Georgia board of nursing page or on excelsior page. Georgia requires you to do additional clinicals. I live about 20 minutes from Georgia and was looking into working there but there was more clinicals. However the program is very doable and great. I just graduated in September and passed boards in October. Good luck to u.
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    I took out a loan. There r 3 companies that will do loans with this programs. I borrowed enough to pay for almost all of the program.
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    Thank you all! I really appreciate the info I recieved...Im going to call tomorrow and see what I need to sign up. Ive heard so many good things about this school cant wait to start!
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    The way I did it was to complete all my Gen Eds at the local community college(CC). I figured that having A&P and Micro with labs and a teacher was worth it. Also, since I took those at a CC, they were only about $90/credit hour. Everyone I know personally that tried taking the EC online A&P and Micro has failed it and said it was WAY too hard without a teacher.

    Another thing to look at is if you get more education in the future, they probably won't accept A&P and Micro without labs, so you'd have to do them over again.
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    That's a good idea. I was thinking of going that route but since i just moved to ga the schools I've looked into are requiring a residence of a year for instate tuition... i think that this may be the best route though.
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    Quote from SWilson213
    Check into Georgia board of nursing page or on excelsior page. Georgia requires you to do additional clinicals. I live about 20 minutes from Georgia and was looking into working there but there was more clinicals. However the program is very doable and great. I just graduated in September and passed boards in October. Good luck to u.
    How on earth did you get a date to sit for your boards so fast after graduation? I've heard it can take months. Did you do something special? I'm hoping to be graduated in Feb and I don't particularly want to wait until the summer to take my boards if I don't have to do so. Thanks! And congrats too!
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    @hatiainbarbie88: How much it costs depends on how you get your prereqs and how long it takes you to complete the program (there are yearly fees). I was going to do the cc route but it fell through and I am SO glad it did. I ended up using CLEP for all of my prereqs and saved A LOT of time and money. There is no CLEP for micro so I took the Excelsior ECE for it. Otherwise, it was CLEP all the way for me (Total cost of Clep test was $100 + $5-10 for used study guides). I had most of my prereqs done already though.

    There are also yearly fees so for every year you take, it will cost you more.

    As far as loans, I looked into Wells Fargo first. I didn't like the loan terms so I went with Sallie Mae. Here is some info about using private loans that you may want to consider:

    Please refer to the institutional guidelines below regarding private loans: 1. After a private loan is certified, it will be disbursed twice. The first disbursement will take place 8-10 business days after the loan is certified. The second disbursement will take place 6 months later, if eligible. 2. Eligibility is defined as 6 or more credits in a 6 month period. The 6 month period will be based on date the loan is originally certified. 3. If you do not complete at least 6 credits in the 6 month period, the second disbursement will be cancelled. 4. If at the close of the 12 month period you apply for additional private loans, at least 12 credits must be completed to certify additional loans. If at least 4 exams are not completed, the loan will not be certified. 5. If the requested loan amount is $5,000 or less, disbursement will take place once, 8-10 business days after certification. 6. If certification does not take place because you do not complete minimum number of exams required, you must complete the required amount before the loan is certified. Please feel free to contact the Financial Aid Office at 1-888-647-2388 ext. 143 should you have additional questions or concerns.
    Good luck and keep us posted.
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    @tnmarie- How did you do the CLEPs? Was it through exelsior or through something else? Is there any way you could message me with what you did? I thinking of taking the route you did sounds soo much easier... Now as far as my boards.. I graduated at the end of august and moved to ga the next day. I got my att in an email im going to say the second week of september. I called the hotline a couple times and that seemed to speed things up. I think it also depends on how soon the school(or you) sends the info in. After that I found a test date two weeks later so I took it( after that there was no availability until the end of oct)! Even though I was going through moving and getting my son settled with school and newlywed life I didnt care. My theory was just take it. You wont know where you stand until you actually take it. SO many people say this and that so you never really know whats on the nclex. I bought a couple of books including kaplan nclex prep 12'.. They helped a little bit but not much seeing as I failed every practice test from the book. I took the nclex on the 24. I had 85 questions and my computer shut off. It was the worst feeling ever! I cried all the way home. After a couple of hours I did the trick and found out I passed! I thought for sure that I had failed because you always hear of people getting 100-150 questions not 85.. So after that I am now licensed in NY.. I have just recently filed for endorsement in ga(where I live now) and have run into an issue with clock hrs...grrr. Im hoping my hours were counted wrong bc I would hate to have gone through all that schooling just to not use it... Good luck with school and make sure you take your boards as soon as you can. The longer you wait the more you forget!!! )))
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    Here is step-by-step how to CLEP a test:

    How to Register for a CLEP Exam | CLEP

    It is not through Ec. You find a testing center near you and register. Show up, take the test, and depending on the testing center, they may or may not send the results to Ec; you may have to do so. You know right away if you pass. An additional benefit is that CLEP is widely accepted at most accredited colleges.

    I used REA CLEP guides and passed with flying colors after 2-3 weeks of study. You also need to check which subjects are available for CLEP. Most prereqs are available. You can find out here:

    CLEP Exams | CLEP

    Finally, always double check with an EC advisor to make sure the CLEP test you are considering is applicable to the credit you are taking it for, even if it seems obvious!

    Good luck :-)
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    Hi i am new to this site as well and I recently graduated in August and received my Lpn license in August as well. I am very interested and motivated to start on my Rn classes to become an Rn. I would like to know if anyone from Mississippi has gone through Excelsior or if anybody has gone through there can give me some advice as to what the program is like. Im working full time i have two little ones and i am married. So should i drop down to working part time so that i can focus and will the state board take accept this school with no problem. Sorry so lengthy
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    Tnmarie---there was over 6 weeks between finishing CPNE and graduation. So after about 3-4 weeks I filled out all the paperwork with state and Pearson vue. So by the time I graduated the only thing the state was waiting on was transcripts. So they mailed those the day I graduated. I got ATT a week and half later and I could have taken NCLEX within a week but I wasn't done studying so u scheduled it for 3 weeks out. Good luck.