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Hello Everyone, I was wondering if anyone is currently taking the Excelsior LPN to RN ... and how goes it??!! I'm not sure of this program, but I thought I would bite the bullet & try to pass... Read More

  1. by   ellenrn2000
    I would also suggests to look into a BSN program instead of an ADN if you have a choice.

    Good luck to you,
  2. by   SeattleGirl
    Hi Everyone!

    I'm just a frusterated LPN struggling to further in my nursing education as everyone else and unfortunately they just don't make it easy for us LPN's.

    Anywho, I have seriously considered Excelsior's LPN-RN online program before and originally heard about them through "The College Network." After carefully researching their terrible reviews- I quickly shunned away! (literally almost signed the paperwork the represnetative brought over to my house). EEK!

    My questions are...

    1) Is this really a safe route to advance on educationally?? - If I remember correctly they are NLN accredited??

    2) Should I expect issues with transferring over courses in the future to different schools?? (ie: various RN-BSN programs) - I read in someone's post about the importance of CLEP testing being universally accepted at most colleges.

    3) As many I'm sure have pondered- what about the clinicals?? I understand it to consist of a long weekend of intense clinical testing but is this really enough to prepare the LPN?

    I live in the state of Washington and really need some advice! I am feeling really burnt out trying to complete all of these DIFFERENT prerequisites for the different local community college- I'm not sure I'll ever get done! (Been in school for 4 years now, non-stop with 1 year dedicated to the PN program and the remaining completing pre-reqs part time)

    I have never felt so discouraged in chasing after something in my life! I am praying for a miracle to reveal itself quickly.

    Any and all help is appreciated!!!

  3. by   Helper-T
    Hi SeattleGirl -

    Excelsior Rn program has been around for years & years. About 3-4 years ago, some of the states began NOT accepting Excelsior students. Excelsior sued those states & from my knowledge, every state now accepts Excelsior, but there are about 15 that have additional requirements. Link: State Board Requirements - excelsior.edu

    The point is to get your RN license as quick as possible - without having to sit for hours in class. I took the time to attend classes for LPN to RN bridge programs. I did not feel ANY of them were "safe" and I did not feel that ANY of them were going to give you a "good" education. You could pass, yes, while sitting in class for hours & freely giving away your time & labor - after 1 to 2 years of weekly clinicals which would range up to 12 hours a day.

    In LPN school, we literally could have learned EVERYTHING in 4 months. The balance of 8 months was torture, threatening & demeaning to students - and we HAD to be there 5 days a week. The last 4 months of the program, we would literally go to the clinical site - and sit at the cafeteria lunch tables, or on the inside of the stairwells that no one uses anymore - because there were too many students & not enough patients or nurses. EVERY ONE of my class passed the NCLEX - despite this lack of clinical experience. It's all about passing the NCLEX and getting your licensure. You will be really trained on the job. THATS where you will learn well!

    Remember, very few states require a Nursing instructor to be a "licensed teacher." So, NONE of them are safe!! Most of these Nursing Instructors do not know HOW to teach!! Therefore, you don't receive a "good" education anyhow. Seriously. The nursing instructors only have to have BSN's - in nursing. I have never found one to be a licensed teacher. Never. Not even the Dean of Nursing, or any Directors of Nursing.

    Meanwhile, to answer your question 3, I have dual enrolled in Excelsior & a "real" college BSN program. The "real" BSN program doesn't start yet. My goal is to have my RN license before it starts. Upon receipt of my RN license, the "real" college will give me 60 credit hours towards my BSN.

    I took all my 60 pre-reqs through a "real" college - not Excelsior. But, I used CLEP to test out of 24 of those pre-reqs. Although a "real" college will not give me credits for Excelsiors 7 nursing tests, I will get 60 credits upon receipt of my RN license - despite I used Excelsior to do it. It just does not matter WHERE you get your RN license. Hospitals don't care, no one cares. They just want you to have it. They will teach you properly - THEIR way.

    As far as the Excelsior 2 to 3 day clinical - it is not a "clinical" - it is a challenge exam. Can you pass it? If you can pass it & are deemed safe - then you can sit for your RN-NCLEX.

    There are several companies out there that will teach you in 1 week - what you need to know & do to pass Excelsior clinicals. The costs range from $600 - $1000 for that week. If you don't feel comfortable, take it again.

    This is the route I am taking. I've already passed the 1st exam as I said in a former post.

    It looks like it's going to be do-able without much pain but personally, I will take 2 weeks to study for each exam instead of one week.

  4. by   SeattleGirl
    Thank you Helper-T!

    I'm so happy there is someone out there who can sympathize with my situation!
    I really do appreciate your advice and it sounds like you are well on your way.

    I guess the next step for me is to research the school a bit more for some clarity and start gathering all of the pertinent information. Any tips or advice while pursuing this further??

    Do you personally know anyone who has completed this program successfully??

    Also, price?? (rough estimate- I know this will vary for each person and their prior education)

    Thanks Again!
  5. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Quote from SeattleGirl
    Thank you Helper-T!

    I'm so happy there is someone out there who can sympathize with my situation!
    I really do appreciate your advice and it sounds like you are well on your way.

    I guess the next step for me is to research the school a bit more for some clarity and start gathering all of the pertinent information. Any tips or advice while pursuing this further??

    Do you personally know anyone who has completed this program successfully??

    Also, price?? (rough estimate- I know this will vary for each person and their prior education)

    Thanks Again!
    Try this forum: Excelsior College Online Nursing Degrees - Nurses / Nursing Students
    There is a sheet on the Excelsior site that helps you to predict the cost of your degree.
  6. by   Helper-T
    To SeattleGirl -

    I actually found Excelsior to be CHEAPER than the LPN to RN schools!

    Here is why:

    1 - If you already have all your pre-reqs completed, Excelsior charges $275 for each of the next 7 exams you will need before you can sit for the CPNE. That's about $2100.

    2 - The CPNE is $2100.

    3 - Enrollment fee is $80 & Register fee is $975.

    4 - Total cost of Excelsior is less than $5,500. The cheapest LPN to RN program I could find was over $12,000 - and ALL the programs require PRE-REQS - some only require 3, but others require 7 or 8 or more. Excelsior wants you to have at least 6 pre-reqs, which they sell to you if you don't have them - via CLEP. CLEP is accredited by all colleges out there - but you can study on your own by using CLEP Practice Test and Study Guides | Pass your CLEP Exams fast! - I passed 7 CLEPS by using this website. I studied 2 weeks each & then paid the $90 ($70 + $20) for the exam at a local college that proctors CLEP. Or, you can sign up to your local college & go to class for these pre-reqs. I hate class, so I took the CLEPS for all but 3 of them which forced me to go to lab (Anatomy I, II & Microbiology.)

    You will have books expense, but you can download books, buy used anywhere (half.com, ebay) or - study the chapters for that test, suggested by Excelsior. Excelsior has a free test guide that actually gives out chapters & text book names. But, you will have expense of travel to the CPNE exam - where you might have to spend 2 or 3 or 4 nights in a hotel if the exam center is not in your city, so add gas & food to your expense list too.

    I'm not an Excelsior salesman, & don't get kickbacks and there may be problems with Excelsior in the future, I just haven't personally run into any yet - so we'll see. I, too, was looking for someone who had just taken Excelsior program within the past couple of years but no one responded. So, I just went ahead & took the 1st test. It wasn't that bad, but I only studied about 1 week using those sites that have practice questions guaranteeing you to pass. I passed with a "C," but barely, but NONE of those sites had ANY of the content on the test - none. BUT, those sites do help get you accustomed to taking test questions - so maybe that's how they can guarantee you to pass. I didn't like using this route so I will probably focus on the chapters recommended on Excelsior's test guide.

    I know of someone who used Excelsior to become an RN from years ago about 10 or 15 years ago. She is now an RN. I have never been able to talk to her directly, all I know is she was an Excelsior to get the RN, but then went on to a real college to get her BSN. Either way, it don't matter - jobs don't care WHO you use to get your RN or BSN. They only want you to have it. They will teach their way, but it's up to you to stay LEGAL in your job.

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  7. by   Helper-T
    Just passed Excelsiors "Transition to Registered Nursing" !

    Studied 10 days for it using practice tests anywhere I could find them. Of course, none of the content was on the real test, but somehow it helps to do those practice tests. The Board of Nursing recommends answering 3,000 - 4,000 practice questions before taking the NCLEX.

    Passed it with a B. Onward to 5 more !
  8. by   jrcravens
    I am looking into the lvn to rn program at Excelsior as well, and cost-wise, this is what I have found if you already have all the non-nursing classes:

    Apllication fee: 80.00
    Enrollment fee: 975.00
    Graduation fee: 495.00
    8 nsg exams 8x 275.00= 2200.00
    FCCA exam: 450.00
    CPNE: 2035.00
    Student services 465.00

    TOTAL: 6700.00

    The total takes into account that you only take one year to complete the program as you pay the student services fee each year. So if you take more than 12 months, your total would increase by 465.00 for each additional year. It also does not take into account any study materials or travel/lodging/workshops associated with the CPNE.

    I noticed another post addressing costs, but it was missing a couple things. This list is all inclusive according to a rep at the school who I spoke to earlier today. Anyway, thought it would be useful info for others considering Excelsior. I plan to star in June, as I am moving cross-contry next month. Would be awesome if there were others starting around the same timeframe! Good luck and best wishes on getting that R.N.- be it at excelsior or elsewhere!
  9. by   buckshot
    Hi Helper-T, I am currently studying to take the health safety exam but am also wondering about transition since I take that next. Have you taken health safety yet? I take it on 4/10... I have heard that the transition exam is a lot of memorization and things like that... any advice you can give me? Did you take the practice exams for transition? I have taken them for health safety and they really seem to be worth the money. Thank you!
    PS... I am also new to this site, I accidentally just posted a comment when I was trying to reply to yours (woops!) haha. Thanks...
  10. by   100,99,98...
    I was taking the Excelsior path until I learned thet they only have a 50-60% pass rate on their clinicals. The price goes up after that, which is how they get their money. After 3 attempts, you're out. All of the travel expeses are out of YOUR pocket. I dropped and went through the local college. My advice...Do a LOT of research before you consider that route.
  11. by   andy_80
    [font=lucida sans unicode]hi all,

    like many of you, i am about to start the excelsior lpn to rn program. i am looking for the best way to study without having to read the books. i am more of a visual/interactive learner so practice exams and computer programs work better for me. honestly, the reading material puts me to sleep .....does anyone have any suggestions? i came across a website that offers practice exams for the excelsior material [font=lucida sans unicode]nursing-practice-exams.com? [font=lucida sans unicode]has anyone tried it? im afraid to try one of these sites and get the wrong information. there is a bunch of other resources available on amazon.com and ebay but i don't know anything about those either. any suggestions? im really pushing myself to do this excelsior program and am a little afraid. i have always been more of a sit in class type student but all the nursing programs available are sooooooo expensive. i am going to try the first 2 exams first and see how it goes before i register officially. i really appreciate any insight anyone may have.


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  12. by   brashy
    I'm in the same boat Andy. Waiting to hear some responses as well.
  13. by   imagineme2day
    has anyone taken the micro practice exam for excelsior and do you have to do it all in one sitting?
    Help please.