Excelsior CPNE workshop vs. Sherri Taylor

  1. I will be approaching FCCA next month and then on to CPNE. If anyone has takenCPNE workshop through excelsior or Sherri Taylors please share what you thought about them and your experience. Ive heard about both, just not in great detail... Thanks
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  3. by   happydrunkcat
    I took Sherri Taylor's workshop in Atlanta in December 2009. Passed my CPNE Jan. 11 2010
    Sherri is an awesome person with great personality, and she is a fantastic teacher! She is the queen of careplans. I was terrible at first, but she broke the whole thing into small logical pieces. She was helping me with careplans the whole month before my CPNE. She always was available via email if I had any questions. As a result, the longest time I spend writing my careplan during the CPNE was 15 minutes. It was my last pt and I really took my time to make sure everything was ok.
    She has videos on her website that you can subscribe to. In my opinion, worth every penny. I was just playing them over and over when my brain could not study anymore )
  4. by   buckshot
    Who is Sherri Taylor, is she from Excelsior?
  5. by   happydrunkcat
    No she is not as far as I know.
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  6. by   nursemami4
    Sheri Taylor herself is not an excelsior grad, but has been a charge nurse and helped assign pts to excelsior students along with the EC CE/CAs. She has watched the process and is aware of what is expected. Her two faculty staff members are however excelsior grads and one has taken the CPNE twice I believe and graduated in 2009. Both work with Sheri and are present in the workshops from my understanding. I have not attended a workshop yet but have reserved my seat to go! Hope this helps!
  7. by   alodocios
    i am a a recent ec grad, took sheri online workshop, passed cpne first time, no nursing experience. i started ec right after lpn grad and never worked. sheri is great and available to answer and help. her vids for lab are priceless. but also robs cpne mneumonics were a life saver. i cpne'd at grady and went to visit her after i passed. she knew my ce's and the ca and yes some of her staff are ec grads. a friend took ec workshop and failed twice and is prepping for her third try.
  8. by   scmitchell_04
    ok. sounds great. I will be signing up with sherri. Ive heard nothing but good things thus far, so why not. I was thinking about going to grady for my CPNE site but of course have heard bad stories. How did others in your group do? Why do people put bad labels on sites? is it bc they werent prepared, failed, and dont want to take resposibility.
  9. by   MsLuci
    How expensive is Sherri's workshops compared to Excelsiors?
  10. by   alodocios
    it was $150 per month but i cancelled after the first month and i can still go up there today if i wanted to. they never seem to really cancel you they just stop taking your money and let you go for free. i don't know if people know that so i won't say it too loud!
  11. by   alodocios
    excelsior it think was about $800 , haven't checked in a while though. they also have online workshops for careplanning and documenting. sheri taught me what i needed for careplanning and she and rob were all i needed for documentation, you will basically document your mneumonics.
  12. by   scooneybooney
    Sheri's workshop is only $597 and she is great! I did her online workshop and will be doing her hands on workshop 1 week before my CPNE next month.
  13. by   Nurse in Miami
    I went to sheri's workshop. i must give her knowledge props but was disappointed because we had no hands on. well no, not none. we had about 20 mins to play around wtih the labs when we realized she had gone on to talk about peds and had to run back to our seat.
    there were 30 people at this workshop and it was just her and Greg who is a very nice guy but not as knowledgeable as sheri.
    I know it's a "business" but smaller classes would benefit the students.
    here's the good and bad based on my experience

    she is good with careplans
    nice personality
    answers emails in a timely manner

    tells too many stories about her personal life (that time could be spent doing hands on)
    adverstises "hands on" but doesn't follow through
    knows nursing but never did the CPNE
    her workshop is a 1hr train ride from the airport (that was a surprise)
    classes are too big
    told me i could go to a mock pcs the thursday before my exam, and then cancelled :-(

    the key to passing the CPNE is being prepared, know what is expected of you, learn the paperwork, and practice practice practice.
    whichever workshop you decide to go with, try to get all you can from it.

    good luck
  14. by   tnmarie
    I'm doing Sheri's online and I love it. I don't plan on doing the in person though; I am what is called an "isolated" studier which means I learn better by myself (yay introverts!). I've heard that the Ec workshop is terrible with like 29 students, 1 instructor and little to no hands on, but that is nursing grapevine.

    The above post was the first negative thing I have ever heard about Sheri's live workshop (though it wasn't all bad).

    Guess if I was to do an in-person, I would go with Sheri because the complaints for both workshops seem to be the same but Sheri's is cheaper!

    Has anyone done the Ec conferences? I am curious about those and I haven't heard too much about them. I will probably just stick with Sheri's online workshop and let that be that.