EC for a masters?

  1. Has anyone use Excelsior college for a masters in nursing? Im currently active duty military so I am trying to figure out my TA. I have a bachelors in nursing but Im looking to cash in and get ahead while Im not to busy with work.

    Any guidance would be appreciated. I mean, course difficulty, how a course works, how many classes I can reasonably take and still work full time, how to "take a break" between courses. etc

    Thanks a lot guys
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  3. by   TashaLPN2006RN2012
    Lunah I believe is in the Informatics MSN program at EC, hopefully she will chime in. I'm finishing the BSN portion, and I will tell you that EC is VERY military friendly!!! My husband gave me his GI bill, and when we moved in the middle of a term they worked with me to get caught up on class when I got behind without failing me. I believe they even pushed off Lunah's student services fee while she is deployed. Course set up is you usually have to have your initial post of the week up on Wed. then respond to 2-4 classmates by that sunday, papers and exams/quizzes are usually due on a Sunday as well. It's not bad. Alot of discussion is majority of the points along with APA guidelines for paper writing. For my BSN I have not had "exams or tests" but rather group projects and long papers 10-15 pages have been my longest.
  4. by   Pixie.RN
    I have been using my TA for an MSN through EC since late 2011, just a few months after I got to my first duty station. It is too easy! Once you get your TA set up and get your degree plan approved, you can register for classes through GoArmyEd. I have mostly done one class at a time, which has been manageable with work in my crazy-busy ER and my collateral duties (unit practice council, care teams leader, and thousands of hours of SANE call time).

    The best part is that EC is super military-friendly. With my current deployment, they were very understanding. It doesn't count against my degree time and they pushed back my annual fee due date by 10 months. Very painless!
  5. by   NurseKrieger
    Hey thanks so much! What is your out of pocket cost for it? Just curious. I was thinking of setting up TA on my next day off and getting rolling.
  6. by   TashaLPN2006RN2012
    i believe they are yellow ribbon...\so you shouldn't have any out of pocket except for books???
  7. by   Pixie.RN
    I think I paid my enrollment fee and annual fee, but all tuition has been covered. Except in 2012, I used up all of my TA for the year and paid for a little bit of one class.

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