1. I read the CPNE study guide once and now finishing up Sheri's study guide but still feel lost. I just sign up for Sheri's online workshop hoping to put things into prospective. Any advise or helpful hints are really appreciated.
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  3. by   KitkatPRN
    Just keep studying and it should all come together. Also looking at examples of PCS forms (ex. pg. 528) helps too so you get familiar with what / where information is located. Practice writing out mneumonics and a grid, too for each sample PCS form you find in the Study Guide. Take the Top NANDA labels (pg. 549 in SG) and look them up in the Mosbys book, read through each & highlight some examples of interventions that you might use in a PCS, also think about ones that aren't in there that would work, too, just to get yourself using your critical thinking skills, a lot of the interventions are collaborative ones or are assessments so you wouldn't be able to use them. Have you tried writing down questions and making a weekly CPNE call with Excelsior? I think that helps, too. I also try to write out a list of what I'd like to study and cross them off, then add more (not enough to freak out over, though). Good Luck !! When are you testing?
  4. by   PomPomRN
    I just tested the end of January, and passed. First, know your mnemonics like the back of your hand (they were key to my passing). Take the ones in Sheri's and compare them to EC's critical elements and then customize them to make them easier for you to remember. I only had to tweak them a little.
    Practice your labs, so you feel comfortable performing them under pressure. Also, I used Sheri's online for about 5 weeks, and that helped overall. Most testers that do not pass the first time is mainly due to nerves and stress, not the nurse being unfamiliar with assessing and completing critical elements. Practice CarePlans and send them to Sheri for grading, that was also extremely helpful. If you do the online workshop or in person workshop Sheri sends you 2 CarePlans a week, you complete them and send them for grading. It really helps to understand CarePlans.

    You can do this! It is definitely doable!

    Good Luck to you.
  5. by   CrissiQ
    Keep looking at the stuff and it will slowly come together. Two things you MUST know are how to set up a grid and your mnemonics. Set up a lab and fake patient in a spare area of your house and practice everyday. Incorporate your family and friends, even the family dog was used for practice at my house. Animals have higher heart rates and tend to move around a lot. If you don't have little ones they are a great way to practice getting an apical on a baby. Get Robs CPNE video and do what he says. Learn your care-plans and when you find out what hospital you will be using look up the specifics from past students. If you happen to be using SUNY Upstate university in Syracuse I can help you. Practice Practice Practice and then Practice some more, till you really can complete everything in your sleep. I wish you a ton of luck. YOU CAN DO THIS!!
  6. by   BLAKEY2005
    Thank you all for your advise will follow them all!
  7. by   BeachCathyRN
    I understand I got totally overwhelmed when I applied for CPNE finally decided I had to break it down or I would just dissolve in a puddle of tears. So I started with reading the CPNE study guide all the way through - then kept out Section 4 and highlighted and tabbed areas I wanted to review and read that sucker over and over and over and over.

    Then I started with labs - got a swim noodle I cut up and used for body parts (arm for IV push, taped 2 together for thigh to give IM injection, one for arm for IV drip and one with navel drawn on it for sub q injection) and set up each lab and practiced one every day. I laminated the sheets used for the labs and wrote on them each time so I got so used to it I could do it in my sleep and sometimes I think I did!!

    After I felt comfortable with labs - a few weeks, I then started on Care Plans. I took Sherri Taylor's workshop online and each week she sent 2 care plan scenarios we had to write care plans for and send back to her. Seriously never thought I would figure them out but within a few months I could write them without the Mosby's book!! But trust me I used that book during my CPNE!!

    Finally started working CPNE scenarios, I had a whole list that I cut up and put in a bowl and would pick one each day and work all the way through, write care plan, do grid, assessments and write documentation.

    Also kept a dry erase board next to my chair and practiced my grids while watching TV each night. Also read all I could on allnurses-searched CPNE and read every post - found some great info great ideas!

    By breaking it all down I learned each step and at then end all came together. Passed CPNE and now I am an RN!!!

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