Anyone heard of "no sweat cpne bootcamp"?

  1. Im looking into taking a workshop for the cpne. The no sweat cpne bootcamp workshop is in Miami and seems like it has plenty of hands on. Has anyone taken this workshop?
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  3. by   natnat122
    Quote from lovefloridarn
    no sweat cpne bootcamp
    LMAO! Sorry that's a funny name..
  4. by   natnat122
    Just looked it up.. Looks like a regular workshop..
  5. by   Sunshine
    Natnat 122, have u taken a workshop yet? Are they worth spending the money to take?
  6. by   natnat122
    Quote from lovefloridarn
    Natnat 122, have u taken a workshop yet? Are they worth spending the money to take?
    No, I'm not CPNE eligble yet but I hear Sheri Taylor's workshop in Atlanta works WONDERS. Just search Sheri Taylor on the forum & you'll see..
  7. by   BerryHappy
    I am a VETERAN CPNE workshop taker! I had to take Sherri's twice!
    The difference between the two is that Sherri was the Charge Nurse at a hospital where the CPNE was administered. She became friendly with the CE's and CA's and knows from the inside what they are looking for from a student. The woman in Miami actually ATTENDED Sherri's workshop, passed her CPNE and boards, and then started her own workshop in Miami. Also, Sherri offers DOUBLE your money back and and unbelievable amount of hand holding if you need it. I am in no way affiliated with Sherri other than a satisfied customer. I realize the cost my be prohibitive if you live in Florida, but Sherri is worth the investment. Basically, you can go to the proven original, or a copy.
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  8. by   Sunshine
    BerryHappy, thanks for the info! What do you think about her online version of the workshop?
  9. by   BerryHappy
    The online version is very good also. If you go to the live workshop, she gives you a pretty big discount to join the online workshop. About 50% I think. The biggest advantage to having access to the online workshop is being able to watch and re-watch her skills video's. I even watched them during my CPNE weekend. You will get your Kardex on Friday night for your first patient Saturday morning. I did my care plan Friday night, then watched Sherri's video on the assignments I had to do for that patient. Of course I already knew my critical elements, but it was just nice to have a quick review watching Sherri do the respiratory management and neuro assessment. I went into that patient's room extremely confident!

    If you decide to do the live workshop, you will only need the online workshop for a month or two. Like I mentioned, having those video's to review during my CPNE weekend was priceless. Also, don't forget about having constant access to Sherri while you are studying, and being able to send her dozens of care plans until you can complete them in your sleep!

    Also, READ EVERY SINGLE PAGE OF THAT EXCELSIOR "STUDY GUIDE"!!! There are little bit's and pieces in it you might not pick up by just skimming over it. That's why I FAILED my first CPNE attempt!

    Good luck, and keep the questions coming if you have anymore!
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  10. by   Sunshine
    I did some research on the online workshop. It sounds like it is very similar to the real thing. The price is also much more affordable. However, price is not really an issue if the live workshop will better increase my chances of passing the cpne. Do you think the online version is sufficient enough?
  11. by   tnmarie
    I too took Sheri online and highly recommend it. However, I would recommend taking the college's NCP course as well as some care plans that Sheri approves could lead to revisions and the Ec NCP course catches those for you. You wouldn't fail, but you would make it harder on yourself and give yourself more chances to make mistakes during implementation. Plus the NCP course goes into the evaluation phase a little more and lets you practice it.

    I think whether you do online or in person depends on your study style. If you learn better in groups, you might want to consider an in person. If you are an "isolated learner", it might be a waste of time (if you groaned inwardly in school when they mentioned "group" and "project" in the same sentence and or your grades plummeted when you had to study in groups or pairs). Her online workshop is basically a video of her live workshop that you can re-watch and ask questions if need be.

    Also to the person talking about using Sheri/other resources to complete your first NCP for PCS 1, you may have violated academic honesty. It explicitly says that no outside help is to be used just because the school is letting you take it to the hotel to do overnight. They do that to help you cope with nerves and get in to the flow. The CPNE is a *test*, and only two resources can be legally used to complete it (Mosby's and a medication book).

    Good luck!
  12. by   sunshiine:)
    tnmarie, great info! I will definitely be taking the online version of sheri taylors workshop now. How long did you study and did you pass the cpne on your first attempt?
  13. by   tnmarie
    Quote from sunshiine:)
    tnmarie, great info! I will definitely be taking the online version of sheri taylors workshop now. How long did you study and did you pass the cpne on your first attempt?
    Glad you found the info helpful. I didn't pass my first time but I had a wreck in Syracuse the day before the test (rear ended by a chick talking on her cell, grrr). I wasn't really in any shape to take it, but I had driven all the way from TN (I was testing in Utica). I studied for a little over three months for a minimum of three hours daily M-F.

    I'll be retesting next weekend in Albany and I will be flying!
  14. by   Jlyn85
    I just finished Christy's 12 day care plan class ( and found it extremely useful to prepare for the CPNE. I wasn't very confident in the paperwork that is required to pass the CPNE and now I feel so much more prepared because I took this class. You get critiqued on the entire PCS form. (planning phase, revision form, evaluation with rationales, fluid management form and narrative notes) You submit a care plan per day and get feedback within 24 hours. Definitely recommend it.

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