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Hi Everyone,

Is there anyone in the Tampa Bay area doing the distance learning program through Excelsior/ College Network? If so, please let me know your feed back. I can not find Excelsior College on the Board of Nursing approved list of schools.

Thank you kindly.....



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Just graduated with my ASN at Excelsior and sat for my Boards on Saturday. State of Florida required my transcripts from Excelsior be sent after my graduation date. If you are an active/licensed LPN here in Florida, they will accept your Excelsior ASN.

It is not an easy program, I would only recommend it if you absolutely cannot go to a "traditional" bridge program.


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Does Florida still accept Excelsior if you are a working Fl. LPN?


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Yes, if you are a Florida Licensed LPN and pass the Excelsior Bridge program the Florida Board of Nursing will currently allow you to sit for your boards. This is always subject to change, I do recommend that you do your research prior to enrolling in any bridge program that is not at a college physically located in Florida. Your research needs to be with the Florida Board of Nursing and NOT the school. This would include the private schools, Rue Publishing, etc, etc.

If you do decide to go a non-traditional route as I did, and you have researched with the state that they will accept this education, be hasty. The Florida Board of Nursing review's their decision on these schools every few years.

Good Luck

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