Excelsior-can I start studying now?


I am (hopefully) entering into an LPN program in January. The program is 12 months long, and I plan to enroll in Excelsior as soon as I graduate. I had the initial intention of completing an ADN or BSN program, but I'm haveing quite a bit of trouble getting accepted into one (long story). I have all of my general education classes, even those for a BSN, so would it be worth it for me to start studying for the Excelsior exams while waiting to start the LPN program? Also, I just read a thread where someone posted that they had completed the program in 9 months, but could have done it in six; is this the normal timeframe for completing the program?


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LPN school was tough, because of the sheer volume of information you are expected to master in a short amount of time. My LPN program was 18 months but I know in many states it is only 11 or 12. I could not focus on anything but what I was doing at that point. It was alot of work.

I would say to focus and do really well in LPN school and learn good study habits and test taking skills. Then if you do choose to do EC in the future, you will have a good foundation to build on.

The program can be done in less than a year, I will be at about 9 months when I complete my CPNE in September. If you have no prereqs to complete this might be a reasonable goal for you. But for now, get yourself a good NCLEX book and start reading, and learn how to take nursing style tests and your basic nursing process/prioritizing. This will help you alot in LPN school too :-)

Good luck!!


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At one time you could take two of the Excelsior nursing exams prior to enrolling, but I had read that they were thinking about changing that policy. Check on the EC website or call and ask one of the advisors if this is still possible. If still their policy, you can get two exams out of the way before you enroll, save time, and possibly money. However, do not detract from your LPN studies only to take two exams. Plenty of time after you graduate from LPN school. JMO


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Thank you for your responses, it's appreciated :)