Excelsior admissions told me I can't use tuition reimbursment?!?!


I swear I read posts stating that people were using tuition reimbursement to help pay for the cost??? Am I wrong?


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I personally could not figure out how to use the military tuition assistance to pay for anything excelsior. I use it for my general ed credits elsewhere though and then get financial aid that helps cover the costs of EC.


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You could simply submit your grades to your employer and they could cut the check to YOU and not the school and as long as you meet your employer's rules you could use tuition reimbursement. I have found this is more between you and employer than you and the college. Good luck


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I currently work for a hospital that offers tuition remibursement. Our policy/procedure is that I pay for all the tests/practice exam/fees whatever upfront then after i complete the exam i print off the updated status report showing my new GPA and grade from that exam (showing i passed the exam and am a current, active student), and a copy of my recepits (i just print off from the EC billing portion of the website.) After i submit all my paper work they cut me a check to cover 100% of my school. I then take that check, deposit into my account and pay for the next exam and keep on a rolling! so far so good . SO i think the above post is right, the money to EC has to come from you not your employer but there is no problem w/ reimbursement after the fact. hope this helps.