excel or ahec? please help


Hello. Anybody heard about AMERICA HEALTHWAYS already? or excel is better? really need help, im from NJ and I need to spend a lot a money to go to cali to take this review.

if you're talking about excel nursing review based in chicago. I HIGHLY recommend ***and her instructors. I took it and loved it! I'm encouraging my boyfriend to take it as a LVN refresher course to prepare for jobs. They really review the content at an analysis and application level and not just for you to understand the material.


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can you Pm me your number please.

i don't know how to PM? i think because I don't post enough?

you can ask me here? i don't mind.


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how is ecxel? did u ever hear about america healthways

how is ecxel? did u ever hear about america healthways

excel is very good. i liked it for content review. it's very long. 10 calendar days straight! 8am-5pm.

but it helped me develop a study plan by being able to focus for that long. and helped me get prepared to sit for the whole 265questions in 6 hours.

i have never heard of america healthways.


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i took excell and martin in chicago....

definently martin is much better, but too many people...

excell is good also, but just too much talk about nothing... instead of talking about nclex stuff, we ended up talking about parking spaces....

both are good for content and questions they give... excell gives you more information and content... so its like you are reading a textbook.... and martin was more like a summary of everything you needed to know- straight to the point....

seriously just do not worry... nclex is not that hard... just relax...

85% of people who take nclex first time, tend to pass...


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cant decide yet guys! excell martin and america healthways is all well recommended for international grad