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Hi, I hve just registered and I'm delighted to find a forum for UK nurses. I'm an ex pat living and working in Southern California. I wondered if there were any of you out there who worked at Manchester Royal Infirmary from 1983-1987

Mike RGN

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Reasonble new myself but welcome, hoping to see many posts on how better nursing is in the uk;)

Unfortuantly not at MRI at that time but just down the road at Stepping Hill.


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All the places have such cool names

Royal Manchester infirmary

Stepping Hill

Never been out of the country but maybe someday


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hello celia.

i am hopefully heading to los angeles to work next year summer.what should i expect? i currently work in london, but itchig to leave R there things i should be aware of ? thanks for your help.


Josie K

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Celia M. I trained and worked at MRI & St Marys but left for Community early 1980's. Have since moved on to other things and have lost touch. The building has changed (on the outside) beyond all recognition. The front of the hospital A&E is now sited on Upper Brook St, opposite rows of new high rise student accomodation - very fashionable.

I have been to your part of the USA a few times (family there) lovely place.


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:kiss Hi all. I trained at Maudsley in London (Psych) and L.G.I. in Leeds. Now doing home nursing in Texas.

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