Evidence Based Practice Paper...help please!!!


Hi all!

I need to write an evidence based practice paper for one of my RN courses. I would like a wide variety of practices to choose from. It can be nursing practices that you do agree with or nursing practices that you do not agree with.

ANY ideas would be appreciated!!!

The only thing that I have thought of so far is flushing before and after IV push medications but I have heard that a lot of my classmates are thinking of that one as well.

Thanks so much!!

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Methods for checking placement of an NG tube before feedings? I've heard you can do it through auscultation or by checking pH of aspirated stomach contents. Maybe compare the two or pick one.


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I just did my project on EBN and my topic was so easy but it was proper technique for handwashing some of my other classmates chose importance of PPE use and why it's important to do your 5 rights. Simple but we all got A's


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What about something involving pneumonia and iv antibiotics? Cauti? Administration of a beta blocker for suspected mi? Quality measures are a huge deal, it would be interesting to do Ebp paper on them. Good luck!