Everybody talks RN/LPN what about COTA?

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I have been on and off the CNA board for years. I have had several urges to go back to school over these years, but life circumstances, many "rip-off" fields, or long school with hardcore requirements out there have kept me away.

However, I think I have found a real gem of a job after I talked to a real cool Occupational Therapist. You see, I have no problem helping people out. It is one of the great joys of being a CNA. However, the downsides of CNA at times are overwhelming. The bad treatment, the pay, always looking over your back for backstabbing nurses and CNAs all wear on you, being room service without the tips, etc wears on one's soul.

Anyways, an occupational therapy assistant seems to take all the great things I like about being a CNA with what seems to be few of the downsides. One of the really cool things is instead of doing everything for patients, I would be teaching them how to do for themselves! And, if they do not respond/do not want to respond/ want to be "waited" on, you do not have to see them past a certain time! I also rarely see anyone talk about this option.

I am juiced! I start the last of the prereqs fall! There are only 20 or so spots in class, but, since it is a female dominated field just like nursing, as long as I do not do something stupid like flunk out, I should be good to go as a male! Also, since I am no longer on a crazy agency noncompete, I am going to apply at the very same facility where i found out about the job that had so many supportive people of my goals.

Am I alone? Anyone ever thought about this? I do not think nursing is for me. But this sounds like something I would excel at!

This was posted quite a while ago, but I am in the same exact boat! Everyone tried to steer me towards nursing and I thought that's really what i wanted to do, but then I met an Occupational Therapist that changed my life. Regarding school and stuff, does anyone have any advice? Or any advice on the field as a whole? I'd greatly appreciate anything!

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I did look into it a few years ago myself and found the demand for a COTA just isn't there since it is typically the CNA that performs many of the COTA tasks under the direction of an occupational therapist.

I don't mean to bust your bubble but it could be a great start depending on the demand in your area.

If you're going to invest time and money on COTA training, you might as well continue on and get your master's degree in OT!

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