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Ever become so stressed that your body......


I think I might have figured out something on my own. I posted a thread a while ago about a concern I have. I had an IUD placed last year. Just within the past 4 months, I have had little to moderate bleeding in between periods. Sometimes it would last a few days and this last one I had lasted a month.

Here is the deal. My husband was discharged from the navy in august. He was to enlist in the coast guard which would have taken about 4 weeks to get all the paper work done. Here it is, hours away from the new year, no coast guard and no job. He has sat on his butt all these months not looking for a job, he just finally started collecting unemployment, $290 every week. He still feels no need to find a job. One of his main reasons was that we are Illinois residents and he doesnt want to pay CT taxes on his earnings and a bunch of other dumb reasons.

I finally had enough of him ignoring my son and I am living off his credit cards, having no job and being just a bum expecting me to pay for everything. I left him 2 days after thanksgiving and moved in with a friend for a bit. I was still stressed and had some bleeding still but eventually it went away. I just came back home this week so I could let my son see his father and so I can get somethings straightened out here.

Guess what? The day after I come back home, I started having the bleeding again. What is the deal? I started to think this happens when I am under so much stress and upset all the time. I am trying to do all I can to relax and hopefully make it stop but I honestly dont think anything will help unless I leave again.

Has anyone had something like this happen to them when they are under so much stress? Should I be very concerned about this? I do not have any medical because I am working per diem right now so I cannot afford to see a doctor right now. I hardly have anytime to even go to Planned Parenthood to get a check up.

I would love to hear feedback on this. Thanks. Sheri


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WOW you have been through it. Let me say I am no doctor, and make no diagnoses, but do feel it COULD be stress doing this to you. A BIG MAYBE---If you dont' see a doctor, you do take risks, as you know. I can understand your desire to avoid this, being in the position you are in......

But please, if it persists or you develop other disturbing symptoms or things get worse, SEE A DOCTOR!!! It COULD be something else...somethign w/the IUD. Something requiring medical attention! I wish you well. I am so sorry for all you are going through....hugs.

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Oh dear, bless your heart! So very sorry to hear this and I wish I could give you strength via some computer terminal to help you...I have three people that are going through a similar situation with their hubbies this Holiday Season, and my best to you.

Regardless of stress or anything else..go to the doctor this is not right. Let the doc diagnose this..that is what they are for! It isn't up to us nurses to do diagnosis on ourselves or others! Rely on the MD's to help you get this straightened away..the more you wait..the worse things can become. Please get examed ASAP! And maybe your doc can help with the stress aspect as well! It is a win win..well saying you have a great Doc you trust and can communicate with (if not get another!).

My heart goes out to you, and I hope with all of it that everything turns out fine..and maybe open up a new chapter in your life that is filled with more opportunities than you can ever imagine! I find more times out of any this is exactly what happens after that huge sad bump in the road..it leads you to paths you never expected, but perhaps dreamed about ;)...

thank you for the replies...i know i should see a doctor...its like all the other issues in my life, i am kind of just hoping it goes away on its own....but i will call planned parenthood and see if this can get figured out...its been bothering me and scaring me to death half the time...hopefully its just stress...but thank for your replies everyone....

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