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Even with the all the work, there are times that patients make it worth it.

Specializes in Med/Surg, Academics. Has 9 years experience.

Scene: Med/surg clinical day. In conference. The door to the room opens, and one of the CNAs asks for volunteers to move a patient.

I and two others volunteer.

Gown up, and walk into a room of an older man with b/l BKA. He's probably been in the hospital a lot. He is already apologizing to the CNA for being difficult to move. :crying2: She very professionally just told him that it's her job, not to be sorry for anything, and she just needed a little help.

No draw sheet on the bed, so I'm at the head of the bed to pull the nonfitted bottom sheet up instead. I cradle the top of his head just in case we apply too much force and bang his head into the headboard. (Learned that trick from a clinical instructor who said she once did just that!)

We are done and he apologizes to all of us again. We smile at him, and I reassure him it's no problem at all. We just want to move him safely and get him more comfortable.

As the CNA is raising the head of the bed, he says, "You are all young. Take care of yourself, and don't get hurt taking care of an old man like me."

At that point, all of us didn't know what to say, and so we just smiled, I patted his hand, and we left.

Yeah, some patients can make your care of them a little less pleasant than necessary. Then, you sometimes come in contact with those who are so ill--yet so loving--that you wish you had more time to just sit with them and let them know they matter to you.

Aw, I literally just teared up at your story! I know exactly what you mean! Patient's like these make it so worth it. Good luck & best wishes for everything.


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