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Essex county college RN 2017

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I applied for Ecc RN program 2017 I already did my teas and scored 62.5 and my gpa is 3.85 for the group that applied last yr and got accepted any chance for me with that teas score.

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I applied and have similar stats to you.

Just curious what was your teas percentile for the program? Usually that will show how you are compared to the rest of the competition.

Just curious but ur post is misleading or maybe I have difficulty understanding but did you get accepted into the program last year with those stats?

Just applied this year and hoping I will be accepted.

I spoke to a young lady in the office and asked if they would be sending emails or physical letters. Of course so that I could either stalk the mailman or my inbox. Hahahaha..... I was told that letters would be sent out.

I think they will sent emails. A friend of mine confirmed to me that last year they sent emails to those accepted

I guess we will see either way.

I was told that they even give acceptance late. They have them July 13.

Just curious lsd77 what was ur gpa and teas

4.0 GPA in Pre-req and 73% Teas. Registered Apr 29 and took it May 17, not much time to study. I'm sure letters will be late. Not expecting them on time.

Those are some really good stats. I have 4.0 and got a 61.3

Just curious but have you heard from previous students or any info from the staff.

I asked other people in the previous class and one had a 68 and 3.6 gpa

Its the Teas that will be the deciding factor for most. Remember, Essex is on a point system so they say:

Applicants will be ranked according to the following criteria and will beadmitted on a space available basis. Maximum

score: 20.Minimum score: 11.There isno waiting list. If an applicant isnot admitted, they may re-apply next year.

Once I tally the points, I have 17.3 points out of 20. Someone who has the same GPA but higher TEAS will have more points, albeit not by much. Who knows if they remain strict to the standards they've posted. Its in their hands. Like anything else this is a business. Recruit the most "qualified candidates", maintain a high retention and 100% pass rate for NCLEX. Who's to say the person who scored an 80% will do better than the person who scored a 60% in nursing school. We should strive to enjoy our summer, have backup plans and maintain confidence in the interim. There's a place for all of us somewhere.

Yea it's hard to stay calm and not worry a little bit. I would want to start my career soon.

Just curious but what's your backup ? Although your stats are pretty good :)

Did you hear about how many students are accepted? I heard from previous classes that 80 get accepted

Yes 80 get accepted. If you look now for the Fall 2017 there are 2 sections for Nurs 104 which consists of 40 slots each. Hence the 80 seats. I have registered for Pharm and Patho (Fall2017) in case I don't get accepted. Regardless, those classes are necessary anywhere albeit, maybe not transferable. However, less of a course load during the program. If TEAS is my only setback then I will study harder and register sooner for the exam.

Thanks! Btw do you know how many applicants were eligible to take the exam?

Also when you took the teas what was ur teas percentile for the program ? That should really be in ur favor :)

I didn't know that info was given. I see that you mentioned a number in another thread. Where do you get the information for the Teas percentile. I took the exam saw my score and exited the screen as instructed.

If you log into atitesting you should be able to see all that information

If you go to atitesting.com and login. You can review ur scores and it should be there




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