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Hi im from new jersey and i was looking and the local hospital near me is hiring for er techs.. they will take you with your emt-b cert which is what i have but they also want you to have your Telemetry certification may i ask what exactly that is and how one would obtain such a cert?


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Telemetry certification is the ability to watch cardiac monitors and identify a patient's rhythm. Check with the education department of the hospital to see if the class is offered there.


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Probably something offered by the hospital ... that's how ours were done. No formal schooling, just making sure you know sinus rhythm from vtach ;)

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You should call and ask the ER manager exactly what if anything you will need to apply for the position. The people in HR may not be on the same page as the ER manager so your better off knowing for sure what is required for the job. Most of the skills like preforming EKG's, straight stick phlebotomy, tele monitoring and others are taught either during your unit orientation or shortly after your hired when a class is offered by the hospital. Be very careful about shelling out big dollars for programs or classes that teach skills like the ones mentioned above. You may be out of luck when you find that the hospital wants you trained their way and wont accept your outside training.

If your serious about the ER tech position you should be working very hard to be prepared and should know that hospitals ER and how they do things. You will have alot of very well qualified applicants to compete with if the tech job is as popular in NJ as it is in most parts of the country. Our last on call peds tech position brought in 200 applications before they pulled the posting and many more came in after that. Everyone from EMT's to RN students to PA and MD students are after that job because of the great deal of experience it offers. You will need to give the interview of your life so be prepared, if you get an interview I can share some things that might help push you to the front of the line. Good luck!