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Hi everyone,

I'm happy to say that I got a call back for an ER interview! The human resources person stated that the interview will be an hour and a half long. Can anyone provide some insight for why the job interview would be that long and what can I expect. The interview will be taking place in the ER that I will potentially be working in. I know to dress appropriately and how to answer common interview questions. You always want to talk about yourself in a realistic but positive manner. Never bash your current/past employers and pay close attention to body languages because interviewers are very keen on picking up how you feel during an interview through your body signals. Can you provide some scenarios that may be asked during the interview. Please and thank you.

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Do you have prior nursing experience? If so, what is your specialty?

The interview probably includes share time. It may also be a panel interview and the time allotted allows for multiple people to ask questions.

As far as weakness, do not mention anything about time management issues or issues getting along with others or that you work best alone. Teamwork, clinical know how, and time management are the mainstays of good ER nursing.


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I have two years of med/surg experience. One year as a nurse technician and one as a registered nurse. Human resources said that I would be interviewing with the manager and possibly an assistant nurse manager as well, but noting about a panel interview.

That block of time could also possibly include a tour of the department. I've had job interviews where at the end of the interview they take me on a tour, so that adds maybe 10 to 15 minutes


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They usually just like for you to schedule that much time for them in case it does go over.

They may have a peer interview portion, a tour, or even have you meet with HR to go over benefits prior.



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Hi everyone,

I'm glad to say that I feel like I did decent with the interview. It consisted of basic interview questions such as why did you choose this organization/facility, why ED, tell me about yourself...... I was nervous at first but I got more comfortable as the interview progressed. I interviewed with three different people at the same time (one was the ED manager and then two assistant nurse managers). I would say that the sit down interview was a good 50 to 60 minutes and the tour of the ED was 20 to 30. Everyone seemed friendly and interested. I connected with two of the people at the end about going overseas (that another story). The ED is the only trauma center in my area so the department consists of 4 different wings. The assistant manager that gave me the tour went into good detail about what is expected, tips, and the ratio of patients to nurses and nurse technicians. I then set up a peer interview for next week.

Overall I feel that I did good. They gave me a tour, asked about my availability, gave me more information about the next "internship/training" start days, and scheduled the peer review. At the end of the tour, the manager stated that the peer interview was more important because they want to make sure that I fit well with the staff. What can I expect from the peer interview?

Should I be bothered that I didn't get any scenarios questions or do you think that they assume they will train me for common scenarios. I only have med/surg experience but I am ACLS, PALS, and port certified.

Does it seem like I am doing well, maybe will get an offer after the peer interview? I feel like they would't have gave me more information, scheduled another interview, and a tour if they really didn't see a potential in hiring me.