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ER interview


I have been an RN for 1 year and have worked on a busy medical floor for that same time. I have an interview in ER next week as I have always had it in the back of my mind that this would be a better fit for me. Any tips, advice etc... for me to nail this interview and get my dream position?? thanks


Do a search on this board. There are at least 2-3 threads with this question that I have seen in the past few months with some really good answers.


Specializes in Emergency Department/Radiology. Has 33 years experience.

As an ED Nurse for 28 years I will tell you that what the manager and your fellow staff members want to know, is if you will be a good fit for the group, nurses and doctors. To me the ED staff works as a team, you dont have to love each other or for that matter like each other, but you MUST function as a team or you will fail...everytime. Take a look at yourself and the skills you have learned in the past year and use these to show your hopeful new manager, how you will fit into the group as a team member. Highlight your strengths, but also be self aware enough to also know your weaknesses. Research the department if you can, if it is where you already work, talk with some of the current staff about their jobs, and what they feel works there and doesnt.

Also, make sure you have a good understanding of the patient load, types, orientation process. These you may only find out through the interview. Ask questions, write them down so you wont forget. Help the manager to realize how much you really want the job. Then after the interview in a week or so, send a thank you and follow up if you have not heard from them. Be enthusiastic about getting the job, but in a professional way.

Hope you get the job and it is all you hoped it would be.