ER to GI.


Quick background, I have 2 years med surg experience and decided to switch to ER January 2020 just in time for Covid to start LOL. I liked ER at first but now it gives me full on anxiety. I cry before almost every shift and wish someone would rear end me on my way to work so I wouldn’t have to show up for the shift (sad, I know).


I’m a firm believer in quality of life and work life balance and I’m not getting that with working nights during Covid in ER. So I applied for a GI Lab job! I have an interview on Friday, it’s within a hospital and M-F. I’m nervous that if I take this job it will limit me as a nurse. However, I really don’t see myself going back to the ER or to ICU ever. I’m caught between having a better worklife balance and quality of life, and stressing that I may be “selling myself short” since I’m only 26 (nurses and their egos am I right???)

what are peoples experience with GI?? Fun enough to keep you interested and feel challenged while reaping the benefits of the schedule and less stress?? I think I’ll also miss working only three days a week!! How is it working M-F??


thank you all I appreciate any advice and guidance!! <3


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Oh my goodness! I can't imagine how stressful the ED is right now. 

GI can be higher acuity in the hospital setting, just not constantly. I love my hospital based GI unit. We do a lot of outpatient screenings and diagnostic cases, but we also get the high acuity cases. We still go to the ED, CCU, and OR. Depending on your facility, you will too!

Examples: RN's in my facility place the PEG tubes (yep, incision and all) under the doctors supervision, we do ERCP's, we place stents in the esophagus and colon, we do bronchoscopy, we even do pancreatic cyst drainage by fine needle aspiration, and don't forget those GI bleeds! Those need cauterization, epi injections, and clipping.

I can go on and on about how fun and interesting Endo is. ?


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I'm following this thread, I also work in the ED (5 years) and will be shadowing in the advanced endoscopy unit next week. I've been wondering about this transition as well- I made a pros and cons list. I'll be increasing my hours from 24/week to 32/week, but I won't have to do nights, holidays or weekends anymore. I'm just hoping for something less stressful. Fingers crossed it is what I think it is! I guess I'll find out :)


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@kitten0509 Advanced endo sounds awesome! Good luck to you!! 


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@ILoveGI thank you for the reply! Sounds like your facility gives nurses a great amount of independence, that is awesome. I find GI interesting as well. Hoping things workout and I can get out of the ED soon!!


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A lot of nurses worry about M-F versus the 3 days a week schedule or about not working ER/ICU etc. That is one of the great things about nursing..there is variety of specialties and schedules.

 From my own experience, M-F is definitely less stressful. No weekends/nights/call/holidays so I can use PTO during the week if needed but am usually home by 4 and often times holidays are during the week or observed during the week so it's a day off w/pay.  

Most of the nurses I know, some new to nursing, some seasoned, would not go back to 12 hr shifts after having gotten away from them. I would only consider it if the position were a weekend only option - otherwise, no way.

If you move into GI (or any other area) or to a M-F schedule and it doesn't work for you, you will always be able to find another 12 hr position in a hospital.



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@Peachpit thank you so much for the reply. You really eased my mind and opened my mind as well to m-f. So many 12 hour shift opportunities, why bot be open to 8s. Thank you so much!