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Hello all,

I just got of the hospital this morning. I had a great stay in the hospital but the ER was a total nightmare!

I got violently ill on Tuesday. During this time I passed out and my husband freaked out and had the ambulance take me to the ER. I get there and end of passing out again in the ER lobby. They get me in the ER and the ER Dr gives me 2 zofran for my vomiting...why do they give you pills when you've been barfing? I'll never understand that one. Anyway, I'm still sick and they discharge me from the ER. I walked over to my Dr's office which is about a block away and he takes one look at me and has a car from the hospital pick me up and take me back to the ER to have me admitted to the hospital. The people in the ER put me out in the lobby to wait and while I was waiting I had to go to the restroom and while I was going back to the lobby I freakin' passed out again!! :o The ER DR comes out with a nurse and helps me into a wheelchair and push me back into the ER to wait for a room.

Ok, here's the kicker...As this nurse was pushing me into the ER she mumbles under her breath, "If you faint again you can just lay there till you can get up on your own, this to complete bulls@#$." I was stunned and too sick to say anything. I couldn't believe it! What a heifer! I wasn't passing out on purpose! FFS I was sick. Come to find out I have a cyst on the ovary left over from my hysterectomy and the ovary itself is twisted. I'm going to have to go in later to have it removed.

Anyway, it wasn't like they had to literally pick me up out of the floor! They just had to steady me when I got up. The more I thought about it while I was in the hospital the more it made me mad:angryfire I was just wondering what should I have done? I figured it really wasn't worth saying anything about but I hope she doesn't treat other patients that way. That was totally out of line and down right rude! What would you have done?

The rest of my hospital stay was great. The nurses and aides were awesome and very sweet:redpinkhe I really appreciated them and everything they did. I left a review of my stay and commended them for being so helpful and compassionate. That ER nurse sure could learn some bedside manners from the nurses on the floor I was on:madface:


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She was out of line. That's so rude of her. I mean did she think you were just throwing yourself in the floor for attention?? :uhoh3: Duh lady!!

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Write a letter to the administrator of the Emergency/Critical Care service line, with a copy cc'ed to the hospital administrator.

That's awful, and I'm sorry you were treated so harshly.

Be sure to praise as well as condemn. Tell them about your good experiences on the floor, too. :)

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