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I will be administering an Epogen (stimulates RBC production) injection tomorrow in clinical. My med book says give it subq, but it doesn't say where. I know with Lovenox, for example, you're supposed to administer it in the stomach. Is there any type of standard with Epogen? Thanks for any help.



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I remembering having a patient a while ago who was on Neupogen and she would have pain and bruising at the site of her injections. I was just surfing around a little and it seems like the same is somewhat true for Epogen in terms of pain at the injection site. In this website it described "stinging pain and itching" at the injection site so if sites have to be rotated often, that might be a reason why there is no particular site listed which is best for administration. Here's the site http://www.ipb.cc/encyclopedia-180.html

It might be a good idea to check with the nurse if there are any sites that you absolutely can't give it in, and finding a non-painful spot might be the best you can do.

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Our doctors always order Epogen to be given IV. Takes the guess work out of where to give it.


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Thanks! :)


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I work in dialysis (as a tech while I go to school) and epo is given there via IV, but on the occasion when a patient has ended his/her tx and is off of the machine, the nurses just give them a shot in the arm.

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