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Resident admitted on 1/3/13 and 5 day ARD set for 2/7/13 (Day 8). The doctor put resident on 3 days of bedrest 2/5, 2/6, and 2/7 (days 7, 8, & 9) and therapy resumed 2/8 (day 10). Does an EOT need to be done if the break occurs in the first 14 days? If so, by setting the SOT ARD on 2/14 (day 16) can I combine the SOT with the 14 day eval, and if that Rehab RUG is higher, will it retro back to day 10?


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If the 5-day RUG is non-Rehab, no need for the EOT.

The SOT/14-day will be paid from day of therapy re-eval (2/8)

If it's a Rehab RUG, there are two possible options depending on the resident's status. See RAI, p. 2-49...

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