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Entry Level Master's for Non Nurses


Hello, I am currently a student at Mizzou (UofMissouri) and I will graduate in Spring 2016. I am applying to both Rush and UIC and possibly two associate programs for backup. I will have a degree in Health Sciences, I would have completed an internship in Nutrition and with a Nurse Practitioner. I have numerous clinical and volunteer experience, clinical related work experience and I am involved in leadership on campus. I guess my question is for those who have applied/or have been accepted, what do you feel makes a strong applicant. I have a 3.1 cumulative (took classes that I didn't like and got stressed) and a 3.5 science gpa. I still have a few semesters before I apply and want to know what was your experience like and any advice that you can offer for a future applicant.

ParkerBC,MSN,RN, PhD, RN

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It's hard to say because each school has their own set of admission requirements. Some schools will post incoming students' statistics on their website. The information will include admission requirements and averages of incoming students. If the average GPA is 3.75, a 3.10 may not be enough. If it's not listed, call the school of nursing and ask for the information.

I hope this helps. Good luck!

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Doesn't Mizzou have a nursing program?