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Hi-it's me again.......

Question for ya:

I currently work in customer service, and I'm trying to get into an entry level position in a hospital. Perhaps-unit clerk??? I dunno. :confused:

Corporate america isn't doing it for me anymore. :( I've been working in suits for almost 6 years now. I want the "hospital" experience on my resume....Just not sure what entry level positions are available in the hospitals while I'm in school.

I was thinking about working part time as an EMT and going to school full-time for RN.

Can anyone help a lost child? ;-)

As alllllwwwaaayyyssssss, your help is sooooo much appreciated!!!!!!!


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I would check with the Human Resources departments of local hospitals, send them resume, request a meeting, etc. With your experience in customer service, you might qualify for a job with higher pay than that of a unit clerk.



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Become a [your state] certified nursing assistant and try to get put on a med/surg floor {a hospital}. going as fast as you can, this could be done in as little as three months, to be registered with [your state's Board of Nursing.] Being an RN's assistant, before becomig an RN is so cool. Plus, working in med/surg {a hospital} is like school. Handling human wastes and seeing humans suffer can tilt you, and you can see real-life RN's applying what they just learned in school and then you can learn at a geometic rate Florence Nightingale herself would be proud of. I'm sorry :-(


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Just what is it about hospitals that you don't consider to be "corporate America"?


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My daughter is enrolled in a BSN program, and works part time as a unit secretary in my hospital. She works part time, goes to school full time, and the hospital pays part of her tuition. The only previous experience she had was different clerical positions in various businesses. We have students working in patient transport, messenger services, several offices, and of course, some work as aides. I don't know how hospitals in your area do things, but ours is willing to place nursing students in these kinds of positions and help with tuition so that they will continue to work there after graduation. Perhaps you can talk to somene in personell at a local hospital and see if they will work out something for you. I bet they will.


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Check out the websites of some of the facilities near you. Most of them will have job opportunities listed with their descriptions . It would give you an idea of what jobs are available and which ones might suit you.

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