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  1. I have spent several hours here reading the information that all of you have so graciously given. It has inspired me to go ahead and try to start the business of hiring myself out for private duty care. Once I figure all the ins and outs, that is. I've PMd someone on this board who seems very knowledgeable and can possibly help me with some of them. Does anyone else have any knowledge on starting a private duty business? Being an LPN, I already know that I will need to have an RN on retainer. Other than that, besides placing an ad in the paper, I don't know where else to start. Once again, thanks for all of the very useful information.
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  3. by   nightingale
    Treat your work like a business. Get involved with your local Chamber of Commerce or Small Business Association(SBA). See what they may have available to support your business. I took a wonderful class on Entrepreneurship through the local SBA.

    My head is quite foggy todya from a cold. I am sure my learned collegues will offer other suggestions.

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Entrepreneurship. Good luck to you. Let us know how we can help.
  4. by   mattsmom81
    Good luck with your venture Brita and keep us updated! It's always exciting to see a fellow nurse become her /his own boss!

    I know I see lots of ads in my local paper for private nurses so I hope you get lots of responses!