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I was told by a friend that an RN can give a "relaxation" massage vs. a "therapeutic" massage without any further education. Is this true? We were taught is nursing school to give massages,... Read More

  1. by   charebec65
    I don't know about this but when I was in the ER for a relentless migraine and severe back pain, one of the RT's, whom is also a massage therapist, gave me a migraine relieving massage. While it didn't take all of it away, it did help quite a bit. I wouldn't let him do anything to my back. Maybe I should have let him.

    My daughter's fiancee' is from S. Korea and he a LMP there. He's not taken the exams here yet so he can't practice but boy can he give a massage!
  2. by   island40
    Simple massage, like the back massage nurses used to give to all patients at HS, is sanctioned under an RN license in most states so long as you are not charging for the massage alone- that is where the massage therapist cert. comes in. If you are being paid for other RN services and want to "throw it in" then you should be able to. Ask your BON.
  3. by   cosmetic tattooist
    I really wish that nurses would act like nurses!! Please look at the FAQ section of the colorado board of nursing. It will clearly say that it is within scope of practice and and independant act. Therefore please charge for your services. We were taught basic massage and if you take it further and receive training in massage that interests you and you clearly help people then DO IT!!!
    We tend to over think everything. Don't let other stand in your way from making a great living and doing what you like. Have some backbone (just a pun). Just make sure that in your state it is legal, sometimes that is very vague. If so proceed with caution but follow your heart.