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Hi, all, Just wanted your thoughts on whether it is possible to (successfully) start a home health care business without any personal experience in the health field. I was thinking of hiring an... Read More

  1. by   suzanne4
    Sure you can get a "private pay" patient, but you need more than one patient. If someone has been paying premiums to an insurance company for services to be covered you would have to have a very good reason and some very spectacular services to make them want to use you and not get something for "free". What would you do IF you were the patient? With home health there is going to be no way to get around accepting some of the insurance plans. Also, I cannot stress enough, make sure that you have your malpractice insurance and that your company has adequate liability insurance.
  2. by   unirite
    Hi Sam,
    I am looking to open a home health agency here in southern california, could you
    please share with me some of your experience.
    Is anyone out there know a good consultant that can help me to start this business,
    i would really appreciate it.