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To all my colleagues: I have been lurking on the HH Forum lately. I am researching the possibilities in providing HH as a subcontract (vendor) to an exisiting HHC Agency. I am also researching the... Read More

  1. by   JNJ
    Lois Jean:
    Marvelous story and one that stikes at the heart of so many of the old timers in nursing. Keep up that great work. I hope you make a lot of money (that's not mutually incompatible with being a good nurse despite what the managers may tell you). I'm close to tears having read your good stuff. Thanks for making my day. Independent Nurse. JNJ
  2. by   funnygirl_rn
    Lois Jean, I concur with JNJ, it was a truly wonderful story. You are such an aspiring person. Good luck with your business..I hope to start something myself someday....wheels are turning.
  3. by   mattsmom81
    What a wonderfully positive thread!!! Thanks all!!
  4. by   Agnus
    THANK YOU I will follow your advice. Thanks for all the wonderful tips and insights.
    Yes, I will file the business name NOW NOW NOW as you say.

    I can't wait to share it with you. You will like

    Ok I am getting on the phone now and requesting the forms from my county clerk.

    This was just the stick of dynomite I needed. I do not know when I have received such encouragement and support. I think never. Thank you, thank you, thank you for not only your faith but your guidance. You are right I am chomping at the bit. How did you know?
    I have been looking for some direction. Exactly what I want to do. This is a very good place to start.

    Isn't it ironic that some feel the liability is too high to provide diabetic foot? Yet these are the folks who would benefit most.

    I am going to the senior center this week and talk to the director, about my plans.

    I will print out this thread so I can go over it and and not miss any of the suggestions.
  5. by   Agnus
    Ok. Step one done. Called County Clerk the forms are in the mail. $20 one time fee for filling name.
    $100 year business license. Payable quarterly.

    She asked if there were any regualtions controlling this type of business. Said, "I know a doctor who is doing this but I don't know about nurses."
    I told her there is nothing in the nurse parctice act the prohibits this and that the nurse practice act is the law that governs my practice. She was happy with my answer.

    BUT DANG, I should have asked her who the doc is. Could be a good resource.

    I was too bussy concentrating on being professional and making sure I did not shoot myself in the foot. I was excited and concentrating on my immediate goal (getting all the right forms and info for filing)
    Well I can ask about the doc later something to put on my to do list.
    Taking the first step feels good. Pretty painless. I know I haven't really done much yet. But you know what they say about a journey of a 1,000 miles.
    We often fail to take even the first step. Common someone else's turn. Who's next?
    I have to go. I have things to do to get ready to go into business.
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  6. by   LoisJean
    :hatparty: WAY TO GO, GIRL! How does it feel to have something that belongs only to you? It's kinda like giving birth. Now....RAISE THAT BABY!!

    Anything, anything at all Angus...let me know how I can be of further help. And please keep yourself anchored to our Forum here. Keep us posted regarding your progress.

    Lois Jean
  7. by   Agnus
    Hmm!? "Raise that baby," huh? Well I hadn't though about it this way. Yea it kinda is like that and I get to name it too.
    I guess I'll have to pick out it's first clothes and plan for it's education and ..... Hey! I thought I went through menopause all ready. What happened?

    Well Lois Jean I would be honnored if you would consent to being the godmother. It seems you have already assumed the duties. :angel2:
  8. by   JNJ
    Kae et al above: You can do this. I was an independent ten years ago (and a foreigner to boot!) and was successful in my humble way.

    You can do the Medicaid (Medi-Cal) paperwork. Just handle it as if it were a complex patient. Assess and set priorities for interventions and do these one at a time. Nurses are wonderful at complex tasks because we live our working lives doing just that.

    As for finding clients this is where you need all those really creative nursing skills to come to your aid. You know how we all improvise when there is not the exact piece of equipment we need - just use this skill.

    Agencies: Yes Kae, many children get their care thru agencies, but most kids do not get the amount of hours Medicaid allows because the agencies can't staff that much. Some kids don't get any nursing hours because there is no agency willing to take them on and the parents do not know what to do next.

    My ideas for finding the clients: Contact the Regional Center (you can actually do some hours for them while finding your Medicaid client). Make an ally of the nurse at the Regional Center and she will want to help you and others fill the care needs for these kids.

    Contact discharge planners at the nearest children's hospital or unit and talk with them. This may take a while, but quality networking is the way here.

    Try contacting one of the web based sites where chronically sick people talk with each other and post so their friends know what is going on. I only know of, but there must be others. Ask for help. Try talking with a mother of a child who gets nursing thru an agency. She may know of others.

    Question every regulation you read; many can be 'accommodated' by an independent RN. The rules (in CA) say we can only do private duty Medi-Cal when an agency is unable to meet the needs. It's amazing how often this can happen when the family is 'high profile' (PIAs who can be wonderful to work with if you are 'their nurse') etc.

    Try a discrete, quality advertisement in the LOCAL newpaper in the better class areas. I know one woman without any nursing qualification who has kept herself into her 60s with word-of-mouth referrals in this type of work. She just gets trained for each child as the parents did. She has a waiting list and impeccable references.

    Let's keep brainstorming until all you quality nurses have empowered yourselves.

    PM me if you wish for my small document on getting started with Medi-Cal in CA. (Need to find the client first).

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