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Hello! This new forum is for anyone interested in massage, nursing and the combination. I am an RN working mostly ICU, Neo ICU and ER (all prn), a former travel nurse and wife and Mom. I am... Read More

  1. by   Nemhain
    Quote from golden-hair

    Sorry in advance if I missed somewhere in the posts--but how long does medical massage school take after you have your BSN?
    Programs vary from 6 months to a year. In order to be a Nurse Massage Therapist you just have to have nursing license and a massage license and they may be obtained in any order. You may be a nurse MT with a diploma or an ASN as well.
  2. by   prometheus0219
    hi! i'm a dialysis rn here in NY and I'm really interested in doing massage therapy. Does anybody know where I can get training here in NY? thanks
  3. by   spottss
    I am a recently graduated male LPN and enjoy reading this. It is motivating me to stay as a Massage Therapist. I will also work as a nurse once i get my license but will try to become a medical Massage Therapist.
    I just don't want to give up massage and jump into the high stress and boredom of dolling out meds or doing Tx all day.
  4. by   happybody
    Quote from prometheus0219
    hi! i'm a dialysis rn here in NY and I'm really interested in doing massage therapy. Does anybody know where I can get training here in NY? thanks

    Hey Prometheus:

    For a great listing of massage schools all across the country, check out and click on "massage" and "New York. It should give you some great options.

  5. by   Kinky Slinky RN
    Hey guys!!! I will hopefully be an RN by December, and afterwards I planned on going to massage therapy school. My mom is a massage therapist now, and it is so wonderful to have a mom with that gift, so I was hoping to have that gift as well, so I will be a better mother, girlfriend/wife, and nurse. I had never heard of a Nurse Massage Therapist. Is it the same training that I would get if I went to a regular massage therapy school? Do you take it at a regular massage therapy school or is there a specific place for medical massage?? I live in Texas now so I know that I am required to have a license (being that my moms a RMT.) I am just not sure of the difference between swedish massage therapy and medical massage? Any information would help!! Thanks!!!!
  6. by   Fibril_late
    Greetings. I'm an Rn of 23 years in California. "Semi-retired" secondary to work injury. I spotted a Massage Therapy school opportunity that couldn't be beat, so I got started last month. It's a 500 hour program. Here in California, there is not yet a unified state certification/licensing. Every little burg in the state can make up their own qualifications and in fact, seem to do just that.
    My intention at the end of all this training will to acquire the National Cert, because you know how it is, we nurses just gotta get as many initials after our names as possible. No one knows what they mean anyway, but it sure looks impressive.
    I have been in many respects a student of alternative medicine for 30 years, but now getting some legit training. I enjoy it and frankly, all that nursing education, has made this study not too difficult.

    Anyway, that was a ramble, but I'm glad to see the NMT community alive and kickin'.

  7. by   spirited
    This is for nurseyperson:
    I am interested in doing massage while i finish up college and since I live in kansas where they don't require me to be licensed, i was wondering if you knew if I needed to have some hours or could I just get started? do i need insurance, are there any legal issues that may need to be dealt with?
    thanks for your time~Spirited
  8. by   d_lee_CSE
    Poptart and Nuresyperson, hi there, after expenses massage works out to be about $18/hour when you charge $50/hr, but you can cut corners and endup getting about $45/hour out of $50/hr. it all comes down to superannuation and sick leave and hoilday pay etc. Thanks for the title - NMMP Nursing Medical Massage Practitioner, I will probably use a variation of this. Have a good one mate.
  9. by   joswald
    wow, this is really great to learn about this. I had never heard of a nurse massage therapist before. I am currently a nursing student and about half way through the program last year i quit nursing school and got ready to start massage therapy school. Then at the last minute i decided to go ahead and finish nursing school, so thats where I am now, graduating in may this year. It's actually really comforting to know that I can still do both! I will look into what my state requires and look for some schools I can attend after I graduate. Very exciting!
  10. by   healingtouchRN
    great! do it. I do both & love both of my jobs. I have insurance, benefits & seniority thru my hospital job in PACU. I have the independence, flexibility of self employment with my private practice. It's small & growing. Very rewarding. Great to become one with the muscles while in a peaceful, dimly lit room full of aromatherapy, barefoot, comfy skort, t-shirt & lovely music. Plus I get payment daily instead every two weeks. Both have benefits.
  11. by   joswald
    that is great! i defintitely will pursue this career. I love helping people, and it owuld be nice to be able to do so in a nice, calming environment!
    Also, do you know any nurse managers/directors(not necessarily masssage therapists) that would be willing to answer some questions i have for an assignment for school? These are the questions..... thanks for your advice and for any help with these questions....

    The questions:

    1. How long have you been a Nurse Manager and what changes have you seen in nursing over the past five years?

    2. How long have you been the Nurse Manager of the unit you are at now and wha other units have you managed?

    3.What are the major challenges that you face in your rold today as a Nurse Manager?

    4. Looking back on your own nursing career, what lessons have you learned that have helped bring you to where you are today?

    5. When you interbiew new graduates for your unit, what knowledge, skills, and abilities do you look for in that person?

    6. In your opinion, what tupe of orientation do new nursing graduates need today?

    7. Do you have ay reservations about hiring new graduates for your unit? If yes, what are they?

    8. What advice would you offer to new graduates about how to make a successful transition during their first year of emplyment in today's healthcare environment?

    9. In your opinion, what changes if any, will the Nursing Profession need to make to adapt to the Nursing Shortage?

    10. What recommendations or advice regarding career planning would you give to me if I were interested in becoming a nurse leader in the future?

    11. How do you feel about the idea of having high school nursing volunteers helping at your unit?

    12. If there is anything else you would like to add, please feel free to do so.

  12. by   LVN2006
    I absolutely believe that massage is a healing process and that only people that have been given the knowledge through a nursing background should be giving them. Case in point, Anna Nicole Smith...Anyway, I also think that products are important in doing the massages. I am signed up with Melaleuca for natural products in this and would greatly appreciate anyone interested in massage therapy would allow me to set up a webcast for you to questions and responses in the webcast

  13. by   Ms.Kamille
    Wow! this is so cool! I'm a pre nusring student with only 3 pre reqs left. I have decided to go to massage school this fall before I finish them. I never really knew that other people were doing massage and nursing. Actually I'm wondering whether I should finish with nursing school first than go to massage. I was thinking I could do massage for extra cash while in the nursing program though. Do you all think I should wait or go ahead with massage first?
    Thanks, Kamille.

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