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  1. Hi! Are there any nurse entrepreneurs out there? I'm researching becoming a come care provider (non medical home care). Can anyone give any insight? I'm in Georgia.

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  3. by   NedRN
    Non medical home care shouldn't require an RN. Nor much in the way of regulation depending on your plans and the state.
  4. by   Kimmie69
    Thanks NedRN for replying. In Georgia non medical home care agencies are regulated by the state. I have received the application and though it's not hard to do it will require sometime for me to complete. Since posting this is have done a ton of research that has been very beneficial to my progress. Looking to open by August. Thanks again for replying.

  5. by   TheSocialMediaCoach
    Keep notes of the steps you take...this could be packaged into something that could help others.
  6. by   milesims

    I'm becoming a non-medical home care provider as well in Ontario, Canada. I'm opening my business on June 5th and received a grant.
    Are you hiring PSWs or are you working yourself?
    Maybe look for grants in your state? It really helps with startup costs.
  7. by   Kimmie69
    I want to become a consultant when I'm done but not an overly priced one like those I have found.
  8. by   milesims
    Well, don't become overly priced. But in the business workshops I've attended, I've learned that price is not an important determining factor when it comes to consumers choosing business (crazy, right?). A study with thousands of consumers showed that on a scale of 1 to 10, price is rated 2.
    Offer an average price, don't go too low.
  9. by   Kimmie69
    Hi. Initially I will contract with CNA'S. I work at a hospital and I know plenty who are good workers but I also want to work myself. I started looking into grant opportunities this week. What is PSWs?
  10. by   milesims
    PSW = Personal Support Worker. Very common in Canada, I think you guys have CNAs instead of that in the US.
    I don't know about the US, but if you're running a company and contracting CNAs to work for your company consistently, then they're not contract workers, they're employees. In Canada, you have to provide workplace insurance for them if they're employees.

    It's also difficult to seem like the boss of your company if you're working as a CNA along with your employees. I feel like it'd be strange to go to a client's house as a company representative and then tell them that you'll be the one providing the care. It seems unprofessional to me (not as an insult, just meant to make your company seem more legitimate).
  11. by   NedRN
    It is impressive to just about everyone to have the boss doing the service directly. No special reason to reveal it though.
  12. by   milesims
    I don't know about that.. If you're going to client's homes and serving as the company representative, it might make the company seem understaffed.

    Plus, you want to be on call and available as long as possible when working with clients. A worker might not show up while you're on shift, and you don't exactly have your office with you to bring up more files to find a replacement for the client. You're basically the secretary, manager, accountant, marketer, and many other things. It's close to impossible to successfully work as a PSW in your own company and manage other employees and clients.
  13. by   Kimmie69
    If needed I will work shifts. Starting out I know there maybe days where coverage maybe lacking. Rather than loose a client I will work. However, I meant I will perform initial assessments of the patient and work (home) environment. As well as operate the office. Thanks for your sharing your thoughts.
  14. by   AS16RN
    How difficult or easy is it to start up this type of business? What would be the goals in such area? I had in mind to open an adult day care but there are state governing factors etc which make it difficult plus an initial start up.. This home care agency might seem to be an alternate route. It seems as though the business route can be a leading way to run your own thing and actually make an impact in the health care field..