New web site for nurses interested in ind nursing

  1. I finally got this site up and running. It is a site to provide nurses with information/ideas who have/are/want to become an independent nurse contractor. Info for IC Nursing

    Let me know your thoughts and comments. If you have information you are willing to share or know of a web site that is helpful, let me know as I can add additional information. By sharing information, we can help each other.

    My thought is to have some place for nurses to go for help/assistance/ideas who wish to become independent or start their own business.
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  3. by   nightingale
    Thank you WyomingRN for your time spent in organizing this information. The templates are invaluable and could have save me hours of work when I was needing just this sort of thing prior to my business class to start up my business.

    I used to have this saying on my signature line and have removed it but must add it here... just to say thank you to a fellow Nurse Colleague and Entrepreneur:

    There is not one of us
    Who can think
    As well as
    All of us