Just out of curiosity

  1. Periodically around the net, I see people asking questions about independent contracting or starting an agency for themselves(but they usually run into a brick wall). I'm curious as to how many people have a true interest in this.
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  4. by   nightingale

    Surely, you and I are not the only ones interested!

    I have not "done so yet" but am still trying to pull it together as to how to start, to do so in the most economical way etc...

    I realize it is difficult to approach a hospital with only one nurse... the are concerns about Workers Comp. Compliance etc...

    David and others.... tell me please .. what do you offer to lighten the load of the business headache aspect of "independently contracting"?

    What have your experiences been?


  5. by   SICU Queen
    There is a very interesting forum on www.scab.org regarding independent nursing... it's full of a LOT of info...
  6. by   nightingale
    To be honest... I, personally, will have nothing to do with being a scab. It appears they are geared towards replacing staff that are out on strike. No can do....

  7. by   TRN
    I have thought about opening a nursing agency once I have more experience. My plan is to gain that experience, work for an agency and start researching what needs to be done. I have no idea what the owner's potential income is and if it is worth it, but I plan to find out.
  8. by   dmagee
    You will need deep pockets or someone who has them. A large part of having an agency is learning business and business structures. Starting the right structure with a good business plan will make or break you. Soliciting contracts will consume most of your time. While you continue working as a nurse, be sure to collect names, numbers and human resource contacts. They will be gold when you are ready to start. Talk to as many travelers as you can and get their names and numbers. Finally, keep asking this forum questions and we will do the best we can to help!